Physical Therapy Services

Promoting Healing and Preventing Re-Injury

Physical TherapyFollowing a trauma, surgery or the discovery of a progressive disease, you may need physical therapy to regain your independence or adjust to a changed lifestyle. From improving range of motion, ambulation, coordination and balance to muscle strengthening and gait training, Mercy Medical Center’s licensed physical therapists promote healing and help patients prevent re-injury.

Mercy's Physical Therapy Services offers outpatient and inpatient services for infants to geriatrics with a wide range of injuries, diseases and disorders, such as:

  • Orthopedic conditions. Back and neck pain, osteoporosis, sprains and strains, hand and upper extremity injuries, fractures, crush injuries, dislocations, amputations and before and after surgery.
  • Neurological conditions. Stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, peripheral nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, autism and complications of premature births.
  • Arthritic conditions. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Workplace injuries. Contusions, repetitive motion disorders and other common workplace injuries.
  • Sports injuries. Overuse injuries and trauma sustained during physical activity.
  • General debilitation. General weakness or deconditioning, which may result from an illness or surgery.

When you begin physical therapy at Mercy, you will receive a treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs and schedule.

For patient convenience, Mercy offers physical therapy at five locations:
Mercy Medical Center’s main campus
Mercy Health Center of Carroll County
Mercy Health Center of Jackson/Massillon
Mercy Health Center of Lake
Mercy Health Center of North Canton
Mercy Health Center of Tuscarawas County

It’s Your Choice

Ask your physician about receiving your physical therapy at Mercy Medical Center. Health insurance plans no longer have to determine your physical therapy services provider. Mercy Medical Center’s Your Choice program gives you the freedom to choose.

Check with your insurance plan and see if Mercy Medical Center is an in-network provider. If not, Mercy Your Choice offers access to Mercy services at in-network benefit levels. To learn more or find out if you qualify, click here.