The Women's Pavilion at Mercy offers a full range of healthcare services and information for women of all ages. Services include natural family planning, pregnancy testing, childbirth education, breastfeeding classes, infant and child CPR classes, community education programs, physician referral and health information.

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning is a community education service of the Women's Pavilion at Mercy Medical Center. This service is offered in cooperation and under the guidance of Office of Marriage and Family Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown. This service is available to people of all faiths. Its purpose is to strengthen families by helping couples understand and appreciate God's gifts of love, life, fertility and sexuality.

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is knowledge and understanding of our natural fertility and infertility. It is acceptance and respect for our combined fertility as a couple. NFP can be used to achieve or postpone pregnancy without the use of drugs, devices or chemicals to alter the reproductive systems. It is a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.

All natural methods are based on the woman's pattern of fertility and infertility. Utilizing daily observations of signs and symptoms which normally occur in every woman and reflect hormonal changes, a couple can learn to identify the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle.

NFP is used as effectively as artificial methods to postpone pregnancy. It can be used successfully in all variations of a woman's reproductive life, including irregular cycles, breastfeeding, premenopause and low fertility. The United States Department of Health and Human Services and World Health Organization have both found that Natural Family Planning methods, when properly used, have a 98-99 percent effectiveness rate. Modern NFP is not the Rhythm Method and is not "just for Catholics."

Call 330-489-1329 for more information and a class schedule.

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Pregnancy Testing

Low-cost urine pregnancy testing is available by appointment. Call the Women's Pavilion at 330-489-1329. The cost is $5.00, and results will be obtained on the same day.

Childbirth Education

Mercy Medical Center believes in great beginnings. In fact, we've been at the arrival of thousands of newborns since 1908. And although child bearing has gone through a great deal of change over the years, it remains one of life's most special moments.

To help you prepare for the birth of your baby, Mercy offers monthly childbirth education classes, a refresher class and a sibling education class (Tike Hike). Evening and weekend classes are available. For more information or a class schedule, call Mercy's Women's Pavilion at 330-489-1329.

Breastfeeding Class

If you're planning on breastfeeding your baby, attend Mercy's breastfeeding class to help you and your baby get off to a successful start. For a class schedule, call the Women's Pavilion at 330-489-1329. In addition to the class, a full-time certified lactation consultant is available to all breastfeeding mothers who deliver at Mercy. The goal of our lactation consultant is to help you meet your own personal breastfeeding goals, while having a positive and rewarding experience.

Tour Our Maternity Floor

If you're pregnant and planning on delivering at Mercy, tours are available of the Maternity Unit the last Wednesday of every month. Besides seeing Mercy's newly remodeled Maternity Unit, you'll have the opportunity to win great door prizes. For more information or to register, call the Women's Pavilion at 330-489-1329. Remember you can also tour the Maternity Unit on-line. Click on "Maternity Tours" under "Mercy Favorites" to the right.

Infant and Child CPR

The American Heart Association's Infant and Child CPR Program is offered through Mercy's Women's Pavilion. The class is taught by certified instructors. Attendees are awarded a certification card at the completion of the program.

Community Education Programs

Mercy Medical Center offers free community education programs on a monthly basis covering a wide variety of topics including many women's health issues. The programs are presented by physicians active on Mercy's Medical Staff. To learn more about upcoming community education programs, click on "Calendar of Events" under "Mercy Favorites" to the right.

Physician Referral

Are you trying to find an obstetrician/gynecologist, a pediatrician for your children or an Internist for your spouse? Call Mercy's Healthcare Connection at 330-489-1333 or long distance; 1-800-223-8662. Working with an advanced computerized program, our operators will help you find a physician who is close to your home, offers convenient office hours and meets any other special criteria you determine.

Health Information

Would you like to know more about screening mammography, breast self exams, osteoporosis and bone density screenings, women and heart disease, women and cancer or any other women's health topics? Just give us a call at 330-489-1329.