Work Health & Safety Services Staff

In order to better serve the community, WHSS has assembled a team of experts dedicated to making your business a healthier, safer place to work. From common sense practices to drug screening to dealing with work-related health issues, the WHSS team is trained to improve the quality of your work environment.

Trust our friendly staff to provide the most convenient, comprehensive and highest quality occupational health services for your company’s employees.

David H. Goff, DO

Medical Director

Dr. Goff received his medical degree from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine with postgraduate residencies at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital and Meridia South Pointe Hospital. A certified Medical Review Officer, he is board certified by the Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine and the Osteopathic Board of Family Practice. A full-time emergency medicine physician from 1999 to 2015, Dr. Goff has also practiced occupational medicine with Summa Center for Corporate Health. Originally from Akron, Ohio, Dr. Goff has 11 years of experience with community part-time and full-time fire department service and has helped teach emergency medicine technician and paramedic courses.

A Certified B.W.C. Provider
D.A.T.I.A. Accredited