Keep the Weight Off with a Weight-loss Maintenance and Education Program

At Mercy Weight Management, we care not only about helping you lose weight, but also helping you keep it off.

Our weight loss programs consist of 12 weeks of active weight loss, 6 weeks of transitioning and a minimum of 8 weeks of maintenance. The maintenance phase is key to preventing weight regain and is available indefinitely. Take advantage of our program for maintaining weight-loss and healthy living.

The Maintain You Weight-maintenance Program

Free Weight Checks for a Lifetime. After reaching your weight-loss goal, we encourage you to continue to attend our clinic for the support and accountability it provides. You are welcome to return weekly, bi-weekly or monthly — whatever frequency works best for you.

Lifestyle and Behavior Education Classes. The classes available to participants during their active weight loss are also available in the maintenance phase. These classes offer education, helpful tools, and interaction with others. Topics such as exercise, stress management, eating out while traveling, mindful eating and several others are addressed during class. Our patients find that regular class attendance provides them with the tools necessary for successful weight loss and long term maintenance. The group atmosphere is engaging, interactive and supportive.

Getting Back on Track. If you have taken a break from the program but find you are starting to regain some of your weight, getting back on track is as easy as taking advantage of our free maintenance program. We would all like to think that we can do it on our own, but it’s not always that easy. Weight maintenance can be a struggle, and that is why we are here to help.

Monthly Newsletter. We’ll also add you to our monthly e-newsletter highlighting success stories, new recipes, exercise ideas, product promotions and more.