Get Inspired to Start Losing Weight Today!*

Father Steve*: It Was Lose Weight or Lose a Limb


This statement more or less sums up my reasons for choosing Mercy Weight Management and its OPTIFAST® program. As a Type II diabetic, it was becoming more evident to me that if I didn’t get my sugars under better control, I could end up doing more harm to my mind, body and, yes, soul.

I would be lying (which is considered a sin in my profession) if I also did not admit that I was tired of the way I looked and felt. My priestly attire was bulging at the seams, and when I saw my latest summer photo at a July 4 picnic, I knew it was time to take action.

It would seem that the Lord delivered me into the hands of our wonderful OPTIFAST staff. After calling their number, I knew that there was hope for my situation.

I was quite reluctant to participate in a program that only allowed a person to consume shakes, soups and protein bars, but after listening to the information about the program, I decided I would at least give the program a try for two weeks.

In that first week, I must admit that I was not terribly hungry. I did change the channel when the food commercials appeared on television. I stopped appearing in the hospital cafeteria for lunch, so I wouldn’t be tempted, but I was surprised at how easy it was to make the switch from food to powder shakes and soups. The protein bars were great additions, because they allowed me a chance to continue to chew food once a day.


The weekly medical check-ups and classes helped make the process a little easier and more fun. Yes, it is possible to have fun and lose weight!

The reason the program works is because the staff is very dedicated to the overall wellbeing of the client. They applaud you when you lose and take the time to discuss with you reasons why you may not have lost weight during a particular week. Listening is what they do best, and I am grateful to each one of them for their overall care and continued support.

I began the program at the end of July and shed a significant amount of weight by the second week of October! Also, I am no longer dependent on insulin and have eliminated one of the three medications I take for the diabetes.

Overall, I have much more energy. I feel better about my appearance, and I believe my ministry as the priest chaplain of this hospital is much improved. OPTIFAST does work, but it can only work if you are willing to commit yourself to living a healthier and happier life style. Our staff is willing to help. Give them a call. Make an appointment. Do it and lose the weight and keep those limbs!

Would I lie?

Nancy*: Thanks for Saving Me from Certain Cupcake Death

I have always been an active and healthy person until about three years ago. I can blame my weight gain on many things like my job or my lower metabolism. But, the real truth is


I just ate my way to an enormous weight. Suddenly, my cholesterol was sky high. I ran out of breath just walking around the neighborhood or even up a flight of stairs. I knew I had to do something, but was just so tired of measuring and counting everything I ate for other diets that I felt overwhelmed.

Then, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for a few months. She had lost so much weight, I was almost afraid to ask her if she was ill. She noticed the surprised look on my face and said, “Well, I’m glad you noticed!”

She told me about the OPTIFAST® Program. It got my attention right away. I saw her again about three months later and she had lost even more weight and looked so confident and healthy. I decided right then that I wanted to feel that way about myself.

Eighteen weeks later, I am down a significant amount of weight. I feel like a million bucks and found that following the plan was the best decision I have made in a long time. My cholesterol has come down enough that no medication is needed! I can now take nice walks without running out of breath, and I enjoy taking them!

The OPTIFAST® staff is excellent and my wonderful husband has been very supportive. I am so glad to be able to tell my story and hope it influences someone to seek help from Mercy Medical Center.



Lori*: I Reached My Breaking Point

Before and After*

I had worked in an office environment for more than 20 years. Little by little each year, extra weight began to accumulate due to my sedentary lifestyle. I spent seven of the last 10 years working full time and going to school at night, which totally disrupted my personal life (no time to sleep, eating on the run, and no exercise). Rather than take the time to cook at home, I ate out a lot. One winter, I reached my breaking point. I knew I had to make a change.

I heard about OPTIFAST® and googled it to learn more. It was one of the few weight loss plans I hadn’t tried. I found out one of my local hospitals was starting an OPTIFAST weight-loss program, which was physician supervised, and decided to go to the informational meeting to learn more. I had to do something. My weight was out of control. My self-esteem was in the dumps, and I was suffering from depression.

When I started OPTIFAST, I was very apprehensive about the limited amount of calories. I was sure that my hunger would not be satisfied with the 800 daily calories allowed on the plan. Fortunately, I was wrong.

After the first two or three days, I found that this was an easy plan to follow. This was the first time I was able to follow a weight loss plan completely and not cheat. My cravings went away, and I generally always had a feeling of fullness. On the very few occasions that I did get hungry, I would add another bar or a small portion of sugar-free jello. I found that I was eating for sustenance and not for pleasure. During this time, I gradually started exercising (walking and using resistance bands for strength training) and did everything I could around my house to keep busy and active.

The informative classes and learning sessions provided by the OPTIFAST staff were so important in my success. Everyone I dealt with at the OPTIFAST clinic was very helpful and professional. It is apparent they want you to succeed as much as you want yourself to.

Over the following months, I started to see the weight steadily come off. This fueled me even more to continue my weight loss journey. Within just a few months of starting this program, I lost a significant amount of weight, dropped several dress sizes, and saw my cholesterol go from 265 to 105. I felt so much better and had more energy. I found that my confidence level increased as my weight decreased. I returned to my former self, one who is active, social and incredibly happy. Plus, I enjoy being able to walk into any store I want and buy any article of clothing I want. I no longer have to be confined to a plus size shop.

The biggest reward for me is overall better health. Your lifestyle plays such a large role in your risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. With the history of these diseases in my family, along with several recent family deaths, I knew I had to do something immediately. There is a gap between what we know and what we do. We all know what we should be doing, but taking that first step and actually doing it can be difficult. I made the choice to go to the informational meeting, stay involved, get active, follow the plan, and it worked just as promised. I am committed to this lifestyle change and will not look back.

*These are individual patient results.  Results may vary for other patients.