Healing with the Comfort & Motivation of Loving Animals

For some patients at Mercy Medical Center, their physicians may call in a rather unusual but effective healthcare specialist: a dog from Mercy Pet Patrol!

Benefits to patient pet visits may include:

  • Improves the mood/lifts spirits of hospitalized patients by promoting a calming effect, which creates motivation in patients to recover faster and enhance a patient’s will to live.
  • Decreases depression, loneliness and social isolation by offering a sense of emotional connection, that also encourages patient communication and participation in treatment.
  • Reduces stress levels & soothes patient anxiety.
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health.
  • Lessens the overall physical pain or need for pain medications in patients who suffer from chronic pain.
  • …and much more!

Join the Mercy Pet Patrol Team

To participate in the Mercy Pet Patrol program, you and your dog must meet the following requirements:

  1. The dog must be at least a year old with a predictable, friendly temperment.
  2. You must complete the Mercy volunteer application process.
  3. You must complete the Pet Partners online therapy animal handler course, pass a behavioral evaluation by a licensed Pet Partners evaluator and register with Pet Partners. Evaluations are available at Mercy in March/April and September/October.