Online Doctor Visits With A Mercy Physician

To enhance your safety and better serve our patients and the community, Mercy now offers telehealth in two ways:

STATCARE Telehealth

Primary Care Telehealth

Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth

What is telehealth?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telemedicine as “healing from a distance.” defines telehealth as the use of “electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support and promote long-distance clinical healthcare, patient and professional health education, public health and health administration.” 

Telehealth can include video visits, secure email, remote monitoring of vital signs, online portals, patient education, and more.

Can I use telehealth for any type of health situation?

Primary Care Telehealth at Mercy is for new and current patients of Mercy Primary Care physicians.

STATCARE Telehealth at Mercy is for minor illnesses, such as colds, flu, fever, cough, sore throat, minor rashes, allergies, constipation, diarrhea, ear problems, pink eye, urinary tract infections (UTI), headaches, vomiting, and more.

If there is a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke, broken bones, serious cuts, etc., call 911 or get to the emergency department nearest you.

Are telehealth appointments private and secure?

Mercy Telehealth visits are conducted using our telemedicine software, are HIPAA compliant, and covered by our privacy policy.

What do I need to have in order to use telehealth?

All virtual visits require use of an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer. The telemedicine software we use is designed to be easy to use. If you have basic familiarity with web browsers and apps, you should be able to quickly figure out how to use our telemedicine software.

How much do telemedicine visits at Mercy cost?

Payments for telemedicine appointments are handled the same way as in-person health care visits. Online doctor appointments are considered medical services and will be billed to your insurance. Co-pays and deductibles apply.