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Mercy General Surgeons & Surgeons for Surgical Specialties

Mercy Medical Center has long been a leader in surgical procedures, offering a wide range of safe, innovative, minimally invasive, and robotic surgery options to the communities we serve. We are able to stay on the leading edge of surgery because of our highly trained and experienced surgeons and surgical teams who provide the very best care for our patients.

With our ACS-verified Level II Trauma Center, Mercy is also prepared 24/7 to initiate definitive care for all injured patients. We provide immediate coverage by general surgeons, as well as coverage by orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and other specialists.

What’s the difference between a general surgeon and a surgical specialist?

General surgeons are trained in comprehensive care for a wide range of conditions that may necessitate surgery in almost any area of the body. Often responsible for managing trauma and certain types of critical illness and cancer cases, they also operate on the abdomen and pelvis, breasts, skin, chest, head and neck, and more.

Surgical specialists, on the other hand, have completed advanced training and work with a high volume of patients in their area of specialty.

How do I know which surgeons perform surgery at Mercy?

All physicians, including surgeons, with privileges at Mercy are listed in our physician directory, which you can search by department, specialty, and subspecialty.

General Surgeons

Mercy Surgical Specialists

Our board-certified team of general surgeons are available for a broad array of surgery procedures.

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Cosmetic Surgery

A number of surgical and non-surgical options are available at Mercy for patients who want to enhance their physical aesthetic, symmetry, and proportion. Learn more about cosmetic surgery at Mercy.

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Gynecology, Urogynecology & Gynecologic Oncology Surgeons

Mercy offers many types of traditional, minimally invasive, and robotic surgeries for women with cancer, reproductive system or abdominal conditions, pelvic pain, and bladder health problems. Learn more about our urogynecologist, gynecological oncologists, and physicians who perform robotic gynecology procedures.

Heart Surgeons

The Heart Hospital at Mercy has a long history of pioneering some of the nation’s most innovative heart procedures. Our team of heart surgeons and physicians is highly trained and experienced. To request a consult, please call Mercy Cardiovascular Institute at 330-588-4676.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedic surgeons can provide many types of orthopedic surgery at Mercy, including surgery for total joint replacements; hand and upper extremities; hip, knee, ankle and foot; and back and spine. View a list of orthopedic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery

Experienced plastic surgeons at Mercy can help restore the body’s form and function following cancer, a traumatic accident or injury, or in the case of congenital abnormality.

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Robotic Surgeons

Mercy has Stark County’s most experienced robotic surgery team, and qualified surgeons can perform a wide range of procedures at Mercy, including robot-assisted gynecology, urology, TORS (for sleep apnea patients), thoracic, cardiac, and general surgeries.

Urology Surgeons

Urologists can help patients who need treatment for issues with the urinary tract, bladder, urethra, ureters, kidneys, adrenal glands, and reproductive system. Among other urological procedures, surgeons at Mercy can perform robot-assisted prostatectomy. Mercy is also Ohio’s first to offer Aquablation® Therapy for BPH.