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Comprehensive, Accredited Surgical Services

When your doctor recommends surgery, it’s comforting to know you can turn to Mercy Medical Center and its experienced, compassionate staff for superior care. Mercy’s 129,000-square-foot surgery center is adjacent to the medical center and offers a complete range of surgical services in a convenient centralized location that include:

  • Digital operating rooms
  • Robotic surgery
  • Endovascular suite
  • 38-bed same-day surgery unit
  • Post-anesthesia care unit for patients who receive general, spinal or epidural anesthetic
  • Six private examination rooms for patient education and testing
  • Private conference rooms
  • Spacious family waiting area

Safety and Quality

When you choose Mercy Surgery Center, you can be confident we consider patient safety and quality of care to be our highest priority. Accredited by the Joint Commission (a nationally recognized accrediting institute), the surgery center regularly undergoes rigorous on-site evaluations and is committed to meeting and exceeding national quality and safety standards.

Mercy Surgery Center Canton OhioAdvanced Technology and Procedures

Mercy Surgery Center is equipped with the latest surgical and monitoring tools, allowing surgeons to perform a diverse array of inpatient and outpatient procedures such as general, head and neck, gynecological, neurological, ophthalmological, oral and maxillofacial, orthopaedic, thoracic, urological and vascular surgeries. The Surgery Center can also accommodate urgent, emergent procedures along with supporting Mercy Medical Center’s Trauma Program.

Mercy Surgery Center utilizes the most up-to-date anesthesia equipment, including a state-of-the-art heart monitoring and breathing device, for all Mercy patients. Newer technology keeps the patient’s body temperature within normal limits and measures the level of consciousness in an anesthesized patient.

Note: All heart surgeries are performed in Mercy’s nationally recognized Mercy Heart Center located on the 3rd floor of the Medical Center.

Robotic and Endovascular Surgery

In 2008 Mercy Medical Center became the first hospital in the local five county area to unveil the da Vinci Surgical System and currently has two robots on site. Experienced surgeons and staff are routinely performing heart, gynecology, urology and general surgeries.

Advantages include smaller incisions, as well as the potential for reduced blood loss and risk of infection, significantly less pain, a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery.

Mercy’s endovascular suite has the latest vascular imaging capabilities, enhancing the surgeons abilities to perform vascular and endovascular procedures. The suite contains a control room, fluoroscopy bed, surgical lighting and anesthesia capabilities, all within a sterile environment.

In 2020, Mercy became Ohio’s first to offer Aquablation® Therapy for BPH with the AquaBeam® Robotic System.

Bloodless Surgery

At Mercy Surgery Center, you may choose bloodless surgery, an approach that speeds recovery and healing. Our on-site coordinator will work with you, your family and physicians to provide bloodless techniques such as an advanced cell-saver system, electrosurgical coagulation, electrocautery, skin monitors, treatments with medications and other methods.

If you select bloodless surgery, all staff involved in your care – from the admitting office to the operating room – are made aware of your decision. With this integrated approach, you can be sure Mercy is committed to your choice of care.

Comfortable, Family-friendly Environment

Mercy Surgery Center supports family involvement. To help with pre-surgery preparation and post-surgical care, family members are included in all patient education discussions.

Your privacy is important. Three individual conference rooms are available for family members to speak privately with the surgeon.

Mercy Surgery Center has its own three-level parking deck, so you and your family do not need to enter the main medical center. While you are in surgery, your family members can relax in the surgery center’s large, open lobby/waiting area illuminated by natural light.

Superior Services and Care

If your physician advocates surgery, Mercy will provide superior assistance and care throughout the entire process. From pre-registration and pre-admission testing to postsurgical follow-up, you can be confident Mercy’s caring, considerate staff will make your surgery experience as comfortable as possible.


Innovative Heart Procedures Available Close to Home

The Heart Hospital at Mercy is home to skilled, compassionate surgeons leading the way in cardiac care. Mercy has helped pioneer some of the nation’s most innovative heart procedures.

heart surgery canton ohio at mercy medical center

Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Replacement With TAVR / TAVI

The Heart Hospital was also the first in the Akron-Canton area to perform transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) without general anesthesia. Learn what sets Mercy’s TAVR / TAVI procedure apart.

Heart Hospital Units

Cardiovascular Surgery Operating Room (CVSOR)

At the Cardiovascular Center, physicians are committed to exploring all appropriate treatment options before deciding on surgery. If surgery is necessary, be assured that the expert surgical teams provide the best care possible performing all aspects of cardiac and thoracic surgery. The teams remain on-call throughout the patient’s hospital stay. They know how important it is to keep lines of communication open, talking frequently to family and friends while following each patient after surgery in the Cardiovascular Surgical Care Unit (CVSCU).

Cardiovascular Surgical Care Unit (CVSCU)

The Cardiovascular Surgical Care Unit (CVSCU) is dedicated to the care of post open-heart surgery patients. This universal bed unit allows the patient to remain in one room from immediate post op to discharge. This unique concept allows the expertise of the cross-trained staff to rotate around the patient.

Telemetry Care Unit

Sometimes called “cardiac stepdown,” the Telemetry Care Unit not only cares for cardiac patients, but medical and surgical patients as well. Other patients utilizing Telemetry Care include individuals with an altered heart rhythm and those who have transferred from the Coronary Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Catheterization Lab and EP Lab.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

This progressive critical care unit provides continuous intensive care for cardiac patients. The Coronary Care Unit also provides expert care for those who have suffered heart attacks. In addition, any patient undergoing balloon angioplasty, atherectomy and/or valvuloplasty procedures are transferred to the Coronary Care Unit from the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.