Supporting Mercy Through Service, Outreach, Education & Fundraising

Comprised of a dedicated and diverse group of women, the Mercy Service League supports the mission of Mercy Medical Center through service, outreach, education and fundraising efforts. The Service League participates in Mercy’s Mission Outreach and other service projects.

Mercy Service League has raised significant funds for Mercy Dental Services, Mercy Emergency Services and Trauma Center, Mercy Breast Care Center, Mercy Boutique and Mercy Intensive Care Unit.

THE LEAGUE’S 2018-2019 OFFICERS INCLUDE President Wendy Lichtenwalter (left), Vice President Gail Moore (right), Treasurer Erin Shea (not pictured), Assistant Treasurer Tina Linz (center), Recording Secretary Donna Shadle (not pictured), and Corresponding Secretary Daphne Thomson (not pictured).

Service League Goals

  • To develop and retain a diverse and committed membership.
  • To support and enhance the mission and ministry of Mercy Medical Center and the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine within the medical center and the community.
  • To assure that Mercy Service League’s membership and the community are aware of and knowledgeable about the activities and accomplishments of the medical center and the Mercy Service League.

Hearts and Hands to Serve

Mercy Service League has a rich, colorful history with deep connections to the histories of both the Sisters of Charity of Saint Augustine and Mercy Medical Center. The hospital archives recognize several groups of volunteers that were formed in the early 1900’s to sew bandages and mark linens. Later, the Circle of Mercy was established as a group of charitable community women that raised funds and collected supplies to meet the needs of the hospital. They met weekly, volunteered many hours, marked linens, and raised funds for designated needs of the hospital.

Fast forward to January, 1975 when Nancy Levitin, Mercy’s Director of Public Relations, and Lu Wabschall, Director of Volunteer Services, organized a group of community women to establish a new hospital women’s auxiliary called Mercy Service League. The first meeting of this group was on January 26, 1976, under the leadership of President Jane Schirack. The women proposed their formal structure, wrote a constitution, and established short and long term goals. They adopted a mission that continues to be championed today: “to support the ideals and philosophies of Mercy Medical Center and the ministry of the Sisters of St. Augustine through service, outreach, education and fundraising.”

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Over the years, the Mercy Service League has evolved to be a diverse group of community volunteers that are recognized and heralded as an organization of hardworking individuals, dynamic leaders, and creative fundraisers. They continue to be a major donor to the hospital. In 2004, the organization was established as an independent nonprofit 501.c.3 that functions as a standing committee of the Mercy Development Foundation.

The history of the Mercy Service League would not be complete without recognizing Sister Mary Patricia Barrett, CSA who was a guiding force to the organization. As her order of sisters was getting older and fewer in number, she dubbed the Mercy Service League members as extension of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine and the Keepers of the Mission.