This learning module contains information which is designed to increase your knowledge of safety practices in the healthcare environment, and to familiarize you with the policies and procedures followed by Mercy Medical Center, and your role in our safety program.

This learning module is also intended to familiarize you with the safety risks you may be exposed to while working at Mercy Medical Center (MMC). These risks range from back injuries caused by improper lifting, injuries caused by slips and falls, fire from careless smoking or improper use of oxygen or electrical equipment, infection of yourself and others, and poisoning from hazardous drugs or chemicals. This learning module is designed to make you aware of these potential risks, and provide you with a basic overview of the safety procedures you need to follow to avoid and minimize these risks.

The learning objectives have been determined for this module, which you will need to achieve by the end of this learning activity. You will be required to complete a short open book quiz when you have completed studying this material. This quiz will serve to validate that you have reviewed this material.

Please begin your learning activities by reviewing the learning objectives and activities.

Download a printable SAFETY PRACTICES PDF file