Mercy Regional Rehabilitation Center

Success One Step at a Time

Mercy Regional Rehabilitation Center is a 39-bed unit located on the fourth floor of Mercy Medical Center.

Participants are able to take part in occupational, physical and speech therapies and receive nursing and medical care on the unit. The center has an activities of daily living (ADL) area, which includes a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, and a dining room and family visitor area.

The philosophy of the rehabilitation team at Mercy Medical Center is that participants have the right to attain the highest level of independence, focusing not on their disabilities but on their ABILITIES. Mercy Regional Rehabilitation Center specializes in rehabilitation from:

  • Stroke (CVA)
  • Brain trauma and dysfunction
  • Neuromuscular and neurological diseases
  • Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Respiratory and pulmonary diseases
  • Amputation
  • General debilitation
  • Medically complex and multiple trauma

It is important to realize each participant’s recovery will vary. Mercy’s rehabilitation team encourages and helps participants and their families strive for and accept realistic goals.

CARFMercy Regional Rehabilitation Center is accredited by CARF – the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission. CARF Accreditation means Mercy Regional Rehabilitation Center has demonstrated that it substantially meets internationally recognized standards.

For more information about Mercy Regional Rehabilitation Center, call our admission coordinators at 330-580-4716 or 330-580-4717.