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Stark County Hospitals End Flu Season Visitation Restrictions

Posted on: April 8, 2010


(STARK COUNTY, Ohio – April 8, 2010) –  Stark County’s four hospitals and four health departments are working collaboratively to keep our community healthy. They also have strong collaboration through the Stark County Emergency Healthcare Planning Committee (Stark County EHPC) and work together on these efforts.
In early October 2009 to provide additional protection to patients during the 2009/2010 flu season, visitation restrictions were put in place for those 17 and under.
Visitation policies at all Stark County hospitals and their respective facilities have now returned to normal. We thank everyone for their cooperation. 
  • For additional guidance on H1N1 or seasonal influenza, several local resources are available:
    • Canton City Health Department: 330-489-3231
    • Stark County Health Department: 330-493-9928
A Stark County-based Web site is available at

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