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Healthy Triplets Born to Canton Couple This Week at Mercy

Posted on: May 14, 2015

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Canton, Ohio: Under the care of Godwin Meniru, MD, OB/gyn chair, and Mercy Maternity Services, Vesna Politis delivered healthy triplets at Mercy Medical Center on Monday, May 11, 2015.

She and her husband Elias, who are residents of Canton, welcomed Maximos Alexander (4 lbs., 5 oz.) at 2:15 pm, Zoe Anastasia (3 lbs., 15 oz.) at 2:16 pm and Elias Christos (4 lbs., 10.5 oz.) at 2:17 pm following a planned Cesarean section at Mercy. The triplets were delivered at 36 weeks and healthy enough to be cared for in Mercy’s newborn nursery.

Dr. Meniru says he took many special precautions with Politis’ birth. He adds, “Once she reached her 28th week, we took her monitoring to a higher level. We added regular outpatient biomedical profiles and ultrasounds to check for fetal wellbeing, amniotic fluid levels, and many other factors.”

In addition, because premature infants often have underdeveloped lungs, Dr. Meniru prescribed steroid injections to promote fetal lung development.

Mercy Maternity Services also spent many weeks planning and preparing for the triplets, working ahead once Politis reached 32 weeks. Stacy Kovacs, RN, administrative director of Mercy Maternal/Child Services, and a team of nurses and technicians set up the operating room, three radiant warmers and the special care nursery – in case it was needed. In addition, they ensured extra supplies were on hand. Staffing was also determined in advance, with a nurse for each baby and neonatology and respiratory care on call.

“Our goal was to ensure as smooth of a delivery as possible by anticipating all potential outcomes,” says Kovacs.

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