Canton and Massillon Residents, Debra Jeffries and Marcy Driggers, Honored As Star Performer Employees at Mercy Medical Center - Mercy Medical Center

Canton and Massillon Residents, Debra Jeffries and Marcy Driggers, Honored As Star Performer Employees at Mercy Medical Center

Posted on: June 4, 2018

Mercy Medical Center announced its April 2018 Star Performer of the Month employees Debra Jeffries, of Canton, and Marcy Driggers, of Massillon. Jeffries and Driggers both work in Mercy Outpatient Lab at the hospital’s main campus.

“Debra and Marcy bring experience to the department and are both extremely dedicated to hospital patients,” says Mary Ann Burich-Boccia, administrative director of Mercy Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. “They greet our patients with a smile and have a way of putting people at ease in what has the potential to be a stressful situation.”

A Mercy employee since 1998, Jeffries says she did not choose phlebotomy but rather fell into it. In 1982, while working with her best friend as telecommunication operators at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Debra says the hospital started paying for classes, and her friend wanted to take phlebotomy. “She talked me into taking the night class with her, and I fell in love with it,” Jeffries says. She continued her education and has been drawing blood ever since.

“If I am able to make this not-so-fun experience any less stressful for the patient, then I am adding to a positive experience rather than a negative one, and they appreciate it,” Jeffries says.

One patient who has come to appreciate her skill and gentle touch is her six-year-old granddaughter, Annora, who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at a young age. “She was only two, and I was giving her injections every Friday and drawing her blood once a month,” Jeffries says. “Annora was terrified the first few times, but as she learned to relax and trust me, she eventually figured out it was not so bad. I try to treat all the children who come to Mercy for blood work as if they were my granddaughter.”

Driggers says her interest in working in a hospital and her desire to help are what led her to becoming a phlebotomist. In 2009, she joined the staff at Mercy Medical Center. “The most satisfying part of my career is working with people,” Driggers says. “On a daily basis, I pray that I may be a blessing to even just one person. I am proud to be a Mercy employee, and I am honored to be able to have exposure to different individuals on a daily basis who may just need someone to make them feel cared for and important.”

In addition to caring for patients, Jeffries and Driggers also train new phlebotomists, emergency department technicians, homecare nurses and help teach students who come to Mercy for phlebotomy clinical rotations.

“Marcy and Deb are a valuable part of our team, and we appreciate their willingness to help whenever and wherever they are able to. They truly live the Mercy mission,” Burich-Boccia says.

The Star Performer program is the hospital’s employee recognition and rewards program.  Hospital employees, volunteers and staff are nominated each month for demonstrating outstanding performance, being a team player, going “above and beyond”, being creative and innovative and for championing service excellence.

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