24/7 Operators to Serve and Assist Your Patients

Live Operators

Mercy Medical Center, located in Canton, Ohio, maintains a 24/7 staff of PBX operators, providing appropriate staffing levels to ensure responsive answering of incoming calls. All operators are trained to provide courteous service to all callers. New operators receive extensive training before they work independently.

Individualized Client Protocols

Since we can identify where a forwarded phone call is coming from, the Infinity system allows us to “pop up” a unique instruction screen for each answering service client. The instructions for handling that client’s calls can be tailored to the needs of the physician and their practice.

Paging and Cell Text Services

Physicians are paged/texted/emailed according to the instructions provided by the client. These instructions are presented to the operator automatically as a call is received for that answering service client. Physicians can be paged on numeric or alpha pagers or cell phones. Physicians using alpha page or cell text can receive information related to the patient and their problem before calling in.

Pager Rentals Spok

Spok pagers may be rented through this service. There is no mark up in pricing. By providing this “pass through” service, we are able to offer exchange pagers to facilitate quick exchanges for defective devices. We maintain spare devices to assist physicians with “no hassle” pager exchanges.

miSecure Messages: HIPAA-compliant Messaging

HIPAA-compliant, two-way secure messaging is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphones.

  • Answering service to physician messages
  • Physician to physician messages
  • Physician office to physician messages

MiSecureMessages is a cloud based application; no sensitive information is stored on the device. Messages sent to the application are encrypted. Application is password protected. Lost or stolen devices can be disabled remotely.

On-call Schedules

The AMTELCO system allows us to maintain a current on-call list with the ability to make immediate changes according to the needs of each physician. Clients can maintain their oncall schedule through the internet.

Daily Faxing / Emailing

On a daily basis (7 days a week), the messages for each physician office can be faxed or e-mailed automatically to a designated fax number or e-mail address.

Web Access

Client can access their daily messages, on-call schedule and appointments via the internet. They can determine how many days of messages are maintained before they are archived.

Prescription Refill Service

Tailored scripting is available to meet client needs. Drug and Pharmacy Databases are updated frequently. Basic or detailed patient instructions per client requests. Refill information is then given to the office to handle.

Personalized Greetings and Menus

Each client has available personalized greetings and menus (optional). This greeting can provide the caller with office hours, emergency instructions or other relevant information. Greetings may be re-recorded at any time to reflect changes.


All messages are documented in a database that is archived daily. All archived messages are searchable and retrievable for any inquiries at any time.


The fee structure is based on messages taken and other services provided. A separate options and pricing sheet is provided.