Current & Past Residents of Mercy’s PGY1 Pharmacy Residency

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Current Residents:

Natalia Dziadosz, PharmD 2020-2021 PGY1 Resident

  • Email:
  • Hometown: Buffalo, NY
  • Education: D’Youville School of Pharmacy


Sai Karwande, PharmD 2020-2021 PGY1 Resident

  • Email:
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Education: Northeast Ohio Medical University


Past Residents:

Ritika Jain, PharmD 2019-2020 PGY1 Resident
Carrie Cicirale, Pharm D 2019-2020 PGY1 Resident

Molly Triner, PharmD 2018-2019 PGY1 Resident
Lisanne McMullen, PharmD 2018-2019 PGY1 Resident

Briana Mlady, PharmD 2017-2018 PGY1 Resident
Chris Miller, PharmD 2017-2018 PGY1 Resident

Greg Hauler, PharmD 2016-2017 PGY1 Resident
Rachel Gresko, PharmD 2016-2017 PGY1 Resident

Keith Posendek, PharmD 2015-2016 PGY1 Resident