Returning to Work After Cancer: Four Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Few people are more familiar with new beginnings than cancer survivors. New beginnings might mean many things for you, but some survivors find the path to wellness begins with a new career — or a new take on an existing career. Here are four questions to ask yourself about returning to work after cancer. Getting…

Four questions cancer survivors should ask before returning to work
Start Your Summer with Don’t Fry Day & Lower Your Risk of Skin Cancer

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated the Friday before Memorial Day as Don’t Fry Day, an annual effort to raise awareness about skin cancer prevention. As the unofficial kick-off to our summer season, Mercy Cancer Center is encouraging everyone to use this day to increase awareness about skin cancer and to adopt…

Skin cancer risks and how to avoid them - Canton Mercy Medical Center 2015
Working Out When You Are Busy Working

Everyone struggles with this, cancer history or not. When you are working eight hours a day, who has energy for a post-work workout? How do you prioritize exercise as part of your new normal after cancer recovery? So you’re back to work after cancer, and your doctors continue to remind you that regular exercise is…

How to work out even when you work full time | Canton Mercy
High or Low: Which Workout Intensity Is OK for Cancer Survivors?

If you or someone you love is a cancer survivor, don't be overwhelmed by the thought of an all-out, agressive, boot-camp-style workout. Learn more about the latest research on exercise for cancer survivors. It was a long winter. Even if you were stalwart enough to stand up to the cold, you might have found it…

High or Low Intensity Workouts for Cancer Survivors? Tips from Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio
Reduce Your Cancer Risk with 8 Proven Steps

Cancer prevention doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Start making these simple changes today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 1/3 of cancers are preventable. If you’ve been watching television talk shows and so-called health experts tout new ways to prevent cancer, don’t rush out and spend money on the latest…

8 simple steps to minimize cancer risks | Mercy Cancer Center Canton Ohio
Cancer Survivors Must Set Goals to Make Most of ‘New Normal’

Every year millions make New Year’s resolutions hoping to achieve some long-awaited goal. Cancer survivors, too, have to set goals in order to make the most of their “new normal.” According to the American Cancer Society, eating well and engaging in regular exercise are key ways to improve your life both during and after cancer…

couples exercise healthy for cancer survivors | Canton Mercy HealthChat