How Easily Do You Adjust to Change? Take Our Quick Resiliency Quiz.

Resilience is defined by Merriam Webster as "an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change." Where are you in terms of resiliency? Consider the following statements and how they work in your life. Think of what you have, who you are, and what you can do as important strengths and resources…

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7 Ways to Make Time Work for You

Why do so many of us have trouble getting things done? If this is an area of your life where you're frustrated, take a closer look at your organizational habits.  Experts agree there are four main reasons we don't accomplish more: We fail to set priorities. We procrastinate. We bite off more than we can…

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If You’re Always Tranquil, Ignore This. 8 Secrets of Relaxation for the Rest of Us.

For a few lucky people, tranquility seems to be an inborn gift — something they just have. The rest of us must teach ourselves the secrets of relaxation, inner peace and tranquility in the workplace and during troubled personal times. Even when we think we’re too busy and overworked to relax, slowing down a little…

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18 Things That Will Help You Manage Stress on the Job

Although organizations can develop systems and offer programs that support stress management objectives, you must ultimately take the initiative in managing stress in your workplace. Here are 18 techniques that have worked for many of my clients:  #1 — Understand that stress is based on your perception of threat — and that you have the…

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6 Techniques of Stress Resistance That Work

Stress can be positive or negative. In its positive aspect, stress can help us concentrate, focus, and achieve. Negative stress occurs when we can’t relax and we get caught up in an on-going cycle of distress that affects our health and well-being. Here's how to resist negative stress. Did you take my Stress Resistance Quiz…

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Quiz: Test Your Stress Resistance

How susceptible to stress are you? Take this 20-question quiz to find out. Your daily habits and personal characteristics greatly affect the way you tolerate stress. Factors such as diet, exercise, smoking and many other personal features can increase or decrease your resistance to stress.  The following quiz takes many of these features into account…

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7 Myths and Realities of the Holiday Season

During the Christmas holiday season, we often have high hopes for everything — from perfect gift-giving to smooth and happy family get-togethers. We may also feel as if we should be happy and social all the time. In this post, I'd like to dispel some common myths about Christmastime and encourage you to embrace the…

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Feeling Stressed? Ask Your Employer About an Employee Assistance Program

A common question I get from my clients is, "What is an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)?" Most people are surprised to learn that EAPs have been around since the 1940s. They were first developed to provide professional help and support for employees with alcohol problems. Over the years, EAPs have evolved into what is called…

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Want to Lose Weight? Watch Body Fat Instead of Pounds [Case Studies].

When trying to lose weight, most people monitor body weight. That just makes sense, right? Well, not always. When you undertake a nutrition and exercise program to get in shape, what you’re attempting to do is to “re-shape” your body. This often is accompanied by an actual loss of body weight, but sometimes not. Although body weight is…