Committed to Continuously Improving Patient Care

The Division of Nursing Service is committed to continuously improving patient care by providing facilities, technologies and an enriching environment for health care professionals who choose to practice on our campus. We take pride in the many councils and committees designed to give every professional nurse an opportunity to shape and guide professional nursing practice at the medical center. Input from nurses forms a critical part of quality improvement within the medical and in its many environments of care.


Our Vision is to achieve national distinction as a magnet environment where nursing embraces an evidenced-based professional practice model.

Nursing Philosophy

We believe that nursing is more than caring for an illness. Nursing is the blending of technology with commitment, respect, compassion, creativity and caring.

Our goal is to adopt Evidenced Based Practice for the purposes of providing quality patient car and developing our profession. As professionals, we believe nurses have responsibilities that include lifelong learning, accountability for their practice and participation in interdisciplinary activities that promote patient care and nursing.

Our patients are the reason we practice at Mercy Medical Center. We are patient and family advocates and work with all disciplines in a collaborative process to provide our patients with the highest possible quality of nursing care.

Objectives & Strategic Initiatives:

  • Deliver comprehensive nursing care of the highest standard to every patient through professional nursing practice, education and research.
  • Provide educational opportunities in clinical nursing and professional development for nursing staff, affiliated students and faculty; and regional and national colleagues.
  • Improve patient care and advance the discipline of nursing through nursing and collaborative research.

To achieve quality nursing care, we utilize the nursing process to assess, formulate nursing diagnosis, to establish patient care goals, to plan and implement nursing interventions and to evaluate the results of nursing care. We strive to support the highest level of self care and independence possible for the patient and family through appropriate nursing interventions. Health teaching to prevent potential and actual problems is an integral part of this process. We believe our nursing care must be delivered in a system, which is cost-effective for the patient, the hospital and society at large. Within a collegial atmosphere, we collaborate with other health professionals to enable us to meet the desired patient outcomes.