I Believe in Mercy

A Mercy Ambassador’s Story

For Terry and Gail Moore, being a part of the Mercy Medical Center isn’t just about doing good things for a good cause, it is about family.

Terry grew up in the shadow of Mercy Medical Center, in a house across from Monument Park. His grandmother worked in the sewing room at Mercy, often sharing stories of the nuns.   Terry’s grandmother was very religious and had a strong faith and love for Mercy Hospital and its caring, giving culture.  Gail’s father, Dr. Reich Watterson, had a long career as a pediatrician at Mercy. Together, the Moore’s affiliation and affinity toward the hospital spanned the generations.

Upon completing law school Terry and Gail returned to their Canton roots. Gail, a registered nurse, was hired by nursing administrator, Virginia Bernhart, at Mercy and worked in the hospital’s Open Heart program until she retired. Several years after Gail’s mother passed away, Reich and Virginia were married.


Terry and Gail continue to be involved with Mercy Medical Center. Terry is chairman of the Mercy Development Foundation and also serves on the hospital’s Board of Directors. Gail is an active member of  the Mercy Service League, co-chairing the 2012 WHITE HOT Harvest Ball.  Together, they continue the mission of their hospital.

“I believe in Mercy and I want to continue to act as an ambassador,” says Terry. “Mercy is a special place made up of caring and giving people who work hard to help those in need.”