Volunteer Jeanette King: 'I Really Look Forward to My Tuesdays'

Volunteer Jeanette King: ‘I Really Look Forward to My Tuesdays’

Posted on: March 26, 2015

"What amazes me about voluteering at Mercy is how often I meet the nicest people." ~ Jeanette King, retired public health nurse and Mercy volunteer

Jeanette King, Mercy Medical Center volunteer, Canton, Ohio 2015

Meet Jeanette King, a Mercy volunteer for more than a year. She has accumulated 305 service hours across several different volunteer assignments.  Jeanette is always willing to help wherever the need is greatest, so she has participated in several volunteer assignments including the Patient Ambassador, Information Desk Heart Center, Patient Wheelchair Transport, and Patient Flower delivery. 

What she enjoys most about all of her positions is the opportunity to help guests of the hospital. She says even the smallest gestures, such as making a phone call or helping families get connected with the staff, are rewarding. Many families have stopped her in the halls to thank her after she has helped them.

She says, “What amazes me about volunteering at Mercy is how often I meet the nicest people! I am always so impressed with the staff and how they value volunteers. I frequently have staff and even doctors stop me in the halls just to say thank you. I really look forward to my Tuesdays.”

Jeanette is a retired public health nurse who worked with children, families, and hospice care. Her job frequently required her to visit her patients at home. 

“I always considered myself as a guest in my patient’s homes," Jeanette says. "After visiting hundreds of people’s homes, I learned how to accept people where they are and embrace them for who they are.”

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