'Turning Around Is Not on My List of Options': Tour de Mercy in the Alps

‘Turning Around Is Not on My List of Options’: Tour de Mercy in the Alps

Posted on: September 11, 2014

Tour de Mercy 2014 | View of the AlpsAt this moment, Chris is resting in a hotel in the French Alps. In his own words, "I am pretty much drained." Yesterday, he sent photos of where he was heading. Before he started, he said:

I'll need to take my mind someplace peaceful. I rode with an old timer today for a spell. He wished me the best but said that many try this and turn around and go home. That isn't on my list of options. I will try to imagine what some cancer patients endure so that the next few days won't be that bad. On Sunday, I must make the big climb on Mt. Ventoux.

Today, Chris and his Fuji Gran Fondo climbed five mountains in just nine hours and 42 minutes, and he crossed the border between Italy and France. The uphill grade was a constant eight percent. At the top of one mountain, it increased to 13 percent. 

I've done some tough things in my life but this was the toughest. There was no turning back today after the third mountain. I knew I had to continue on. I have no intention of quitting, but I just wanted to be honest about this rough day.

Tomorrow I expect more of the same. I'll just take my time. But looking down at what I conquered from the top of the last mountain made it all worth while. It was about 26 kilometres of nothing but mountain.

While biking my total of 113 kilometres today, I stopped at a cafe to load up on water and also verify the right road for the last climb. There was a man sitting there who told me, 'Yes, it's up that way, but you will never make with all that extra weight."

Guess he was right. I had to walk the last 1.5 kilometers. 


Tour de Mercy 2014 | Chris Christian in Bruzolo, Italy


Cancer Tip #3

Not everyone can bike through Europe. But all of us can increase our physical activity. Being physically active can help control weight, and research suggests that regular exercise might lower the risk of breast and colon cancers. Any amount of physical activity can bring health benefits, but strive to include at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. 

Learn more about Chris's journey to raise awareness about cancer and support Mercy Cancer Center at cantonmercy.org/tourdemercy and with the hashtag #tourdemercy.

Tour de Mercy 2014 | Chris Christian crosses border between Italy and France


All Chris's trip-related expenses are paid, so 100% of your donation will benefit Mercy Cancer Center.

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