Mercy Cancer Center Holds Ceremony for 4th Consecutive Quality Award

Mercy Hold 2018 Cancer Center Award Ceremony

Posted on: June 27, 2018

Mercy Cancer Center received the 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Mercy is one of a select group of only 32 U.S. health care facilities with accredited cancer programs to receive this national honor for surveys performed last year. The award acknowledges cancer programs that achieve excellence in providing quality care to cancer patients. The 32 award-winning cancer care programs represent approximately seven percent of programs surveyed by the CoC in 2017.

More impressively, this is the fourth consecutive time the honor has been bestowed on Mercy Cancer Center since 2008. Very few cancers centers nationally have ever achieved this status, which puts Mercy Cancer Center in a very elite class. Learn more about this award >>

Mercy Announces Cancer Award

“Cancer centers don’t even have to apply [for accreditation]. It really takes considerable resources and a strong commitment to providing quality care and really high-level services. The accreditation process is very rigorous. It involves having to comply with a ton of standards. I would say it’s not for the faint of heart.

“To give you a sense, there are 1,500 accredited cancer centers or more in this country, and I can tell you those 1,500 accredited cancer centers represent only 30% of the hospitals in our country that provide cancer care. So there’s a whole lot of people out there providing cancer care that are not striving for the high bars we do here. It’s a credit to Mercy Cancer Center and Mercy Medical Center that we put the resources behind it to do this.

“The Outstanding Achievement Award is over and above the actual accreditation process. It’s given only to those cancer centers that demonstrate the very highest quality cancer care. To receive the award four times in a row is a truly remarkable accomplishment. Let me give you a sense of how remarkable this is. And I’m not bragging; I’m bragging about all of my team out there. The accreditation cycle, as I told you, is three-year process. And the last cycle of all cancer centers in the country started in 2015. During that cycle, there’s only been 123 cancer centers in this country who’ve received the Outstanding Achievement Award, and we’re one of them. That equates to putting us in the upper 8% of cancer centers in the country. That’s great but this is even better. Of these 123 cancer centers, there are five cancer centers in this country who have received the award five times, which means ever since the inception of the award. And there are 11 cancer centers who have received it four times, Mercy being one of those. This is truly an elite group of cancer centers, of which we are a part, and this elite group equates to 1% of cancer centers in the country. So, I think that’s really an incredible accomplishment. And I want to add one more fact: that we are the only cancer center in Ohio that has achieved the award consistently this number of times, four times or more.

“So I would say that our accreditation and recognition by the Outstanding Achievement Award is an exceptional accomplishment. It’s not the results of one person but of many. Physician, personnel all work in concert to really take quality care of the patients we serve. I want to personally say I am very, very proud of the cancer center team of physicians and personnel who have partaken in this extremely rare distinction because I know it takes incredible commitment and expertise. I want to thank you all for all your efforts.” —Karen Coughlin, Administrative Director, Mercy Cancer Center

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