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Helping Local Churches Establish & Support Wellness Programs

Faith Community Nursing of Mercy Medical Center welcomes the opportunity to assist local churches in the formation of a wellness program within their faith community. This program is usually coordinated by a parish nurse and is supported by other health care providers and the congregation. The emphasis is wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Mercy Medical Center provides resources to begin and support the program by the following:

  • Initial resources of literature and getting started manual
  • Educational programs
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Nursing CEs
  • Hospital community resources

Faith Community Minister

Parish Health Minister (i.e. doctor, nurse, dietician, physical therapist, counselor) is an experienced health professional using his/her medical and spiritual skills in supporting a healing ministry within a congregation.

Faith Community Nurse

The Parish Nurse is a registered nurse licensed in the state of practice, who coordinates a wellness program within a faith community. He or she follows the Scope and Standards of Parish Nursing. The International Resource Center for Parish Nursing and the Health Ministry Association provide education and support to the Parish Nurse. The Parish Nurse coordinates the program within his/her congregation.  

Parish Nurse do not do hands-on nursing but provide wellness and healing through the following roles:

  • Educator
  • Personal Health Counselor
  • Facilitator
  • Resource and referral source activities
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Health fairs
  • Support groups
  • Home and hospital visitation
  • Health counseling
  • CPR classes
  • Flu programs
  • Bulletin boards and newsletter on health issues

The Parish Nurse builds upon existing spiritual- based relationships of concern and caring within a congregation and helps to nurture a climate of healthy lifestyles, mutual support, and health consciousness.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to continuing the healing ministry of Jesus by providing quality, compassionate care for the whole person. We accept the challenge as Parish Nurses to educate, counsel, refer, and act as an advocate in our ministry of healing. As Christ treated the multitudes with love and care, so also will we treat those seeking our guidance. We will continue to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into avenues of growth as holistic care givers. We will trust our knowledge, a gift of the Holy Spirit, in assessing the needs before us. As ministers of health, we will take time to renew our own minds and bodies, to allow to feel God’s healing touch.

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