Primary Care, Dental Services & Psychiatric/Mental Health Services in Northeast Canton

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Accepting new patients of all ages!

If you live in Northeast Canton, East Canton or Louisville, Mercy Medical Center of St. Paul Square provides you access to Mercy primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, and dentists close to home. Our St. Paul Square health center supports healthy living, disease prevention, health education, early detection, treatment and navigation through the healthcare system.

Call today to schedule your first visit: 330-588-4892.

Primary Care

Tracy Noling, CNP, nurse practitioner canton ohio
Lamberto Galang, MD     
Family Medicine
Tracy Noling, CNP
Certified Nurse Practitioner

Dishon Kamwesa, CNP
Certified Nurse Practitioner

Mercy Psychiatric & Mental Health Services

Christopher Fogarty, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Call for an appointment: 234.203.3538. Telehealth/virtual appointments available.

Well Woman Care

Did you know family medicine providers are able to offer well woman care? Our board certified, family practice nurse practitioner, Tracy Noling, CNP, is ready and able to provide for your routine well woman care (annual exam, breast exam, pap test), and she can give you an order for a mammogram. We also offer mobile mammography regularly throughout
the year right on site at St. Paul’s. So, if your annual care is routine and you put it off because of travel or inconvenience, give us a call at St. Paul’s Square.

Free Lunch & Learn Programs

Healthy lunch included!

These FREE programs will be held on the LAST Friday of each month from noon until 1 pm. Call the St. Paul Wellness Coach, Carolyn, at 330-489-8190 to register (so we have enough food for everyone). Be sure to leave a working call back number so we can remind you.

These programs are open to everyone (you do not need to be a patient at St. Paul’s to participate) and are held in our community health education room, lower level. Come in, join us for these programs, gather with others from the neighborhood and stay healthy! Provided in part by a grant from the Sisters of the Humility of Mary.

Wellness Coach

Mercy at St. Paul Square is your neighborhood center for medical and oral health needs. All insurances are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid. Those who are uninsured may use our services, as well. Everyone from newborns to seniors can receive care at St. Paul’s Square.

Our Wellness Coach, Carolyn Blabac, BA, LPN, is here to provide you with free blood pressure screenings and to assist you with understanding your medications, how to access community resources, and how to maintain a good diet in support of your overall health. Her services are free and are provided by a grant from the Sisters of the Humility of Mary.