Mercy Health Center of Lake

432 King Church Ave. SW, Uniontown, OH 44685 | 330-877-5000 | On the Campus of Lake High School

If you live in Hartville, Uniontown or elsewhere in Lake Township, Ohio, take advantage of the convenient health services at Mercy Health Center of Lake.

Located in the Lake Community Center on the campus of Lake High School, Mercy’s 4,000-sq-ft health facility provides:

  • Mercy primary care physicians
  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Lab services
  • Monthly, low-cost wellness screenings
  • Sports medicine and therapy
  • Community education

Mercy Primary Care of Lake


Lake Township Ohio Primary Care Doctor Chris Stetler              

Chris Stetler, D.O.          Kim Rowe, NP
Phone: 330-877-0781

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Radiology Services

Diagnostic x-ray exams are performed by registered radiologic technologists using a filmless medical imaging system. High-resolution images taken at Mercy’s Lake facility are digitally transmitted to Mercy Medical Center and immediately available for interpretation by board certified radiologists.

Laboratory Services

As an added convenience for area residents and physicians, Mercy Health Center of Lake provides outpatient lab services. Physicians will benefit from immediate protime results for their coumadin patients.

Lake Community Center

Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

Mercy’s team of sports medicine specialists and physical therapists provide outpatient treatment for patients with athletic injuries, muscular insufficiency, loss of mobility, pain, joint replacements, surgical procedures, arthritis and a variety of other musculoskeletal disorders. As well as manual therapy, the department also contains a variety of exercise equipment such as isokinetic and aerobic equipment, ultrasound & electrical stimulation machines, iontophoresis and traction.

Health Services and Community EducationLake Community Center

  • Vocational health program for students interested in pursuing medical careers
  • Improved physical education programs for students
  • Health education programs on topics such as nutrition,
    weight, stress management and CPR training