Sleep Testing at Home for Qualified Patients

Mercy offers home sleep studies for those who qualify. Because home sleep studies only detect OSA, you must have a high probablility for OSA. Also, certain medical conditions may preclude you from taking a home sleep study.

Symptoms of OSA include frequent loud snoring, gasping and/or choking during the night, and excessive daytime sleepiness. Some physicians also consider neck circumference of greater than 17 centimeters, a body mass index of 30 or higher, and diagnosed hypertension as indicators for a sleep study.

Getting Your Home Sleep Study Equipment

To take a home sleep study, you will still need an appointment with one of Mercy’s two sleep labs. However, you will not stay overnight. A sleep technician will instruct you on the device and its use. The procedure is simple and safe.

It will be important to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Written instructions will also be provided, and support is available 24 hours a day by phone.

The Results of Your Home Sleep Testing

After you complete a home sleep study, you will need to return the equipment to a Mercy Sleep Lab where a technologist will download the data collected on the device. The data will be reviewed and scored by a board certified sleep physician, and the results will be sent to your physician. You will also have the option to go over the results with one of our sleep physicians.

If a physician suspects a false negative with a home sleep study, you may need overnight sleep testing in one of our labs

Patient Instructions for Apnealink Air Home Sleep Testing Unit

To download instructions for the Apnealink Air Home Sleep Testing Unit, CLICK HERE.

YouTube Video Instructions for Apnealink Air Home Sleep Testing Unit