High Tech Healing

High Tech Healing

A Revolutionary Age of Healthcare Technologies

High Tech HealingMercy Medical Center is moving boldly into its second century of healthcare leadership with many innovative technological advances. Always a leader in innovative care, Mercy has just acquired several Stark County "Firsts" – technological advances that mean quicker detection, a more accurate diagnosis, and the most effective treatment for you, the patient.

  • da Vinci® Surgical System Today's most advanced surgical platform. The da Vinci® seamlessly translates a surgeon's hand, wrist and finger movements into precise, real-time movements of the surgical instruments through minimally invasive incisions.
  • TomoTherapy Unique brand of radiation cancer treatment which provides treatment from any angle around the entire circumference of the body, minimizing damage to healthy tissue.
  • PET/CT Rapidly becoming the standard in cancer care, Mercy offers the only installed PET/CT between Cleveland and Columbus. Having PET/CT permanently on-site ensures that patients have rapid access.

Other High Tech Health at Mercy Medical Center