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Set an Exercise Appointment with Yourself

Posted on: June 25, 2014

How many times have you had the best of intentions and life gets in the way of your fitness routine? Work schedules and kid’s schedules push that exercise routine to the back burner. You may often say, “There’s always tomorrow." For many of us, those tomorrows have piled up, and now we’re not too happy about what we see in the mirror and on the scale.

So we try to cram a week’s worth of exercise into two days. While the “weekend warrior” mentality may give us some bragging rights at the office water cooler or coffee shop, it’s not the most effective method of exercise training. This scenario typically ends with an overuse injury, especially for us baby boomers who have forgotten that 30+ years have passed since our high school or college “glory” days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) compiled a report looking at databases of more than 300,000 Americans as to their activity habits to see how many actually cram their week’s worth of exercise (150 minutes) into two days, Saturday and Sunday. The fact is not many – between 1-3% – Americans actually fit the definition of “weekend warrior." The sad truth of this report is that most Americans aren’t even trying to cram it into one weekend.

Yes, it’s better to get some exercise, but spreading out the process is much more effective and less likely to put you on the injured reserve list. It has been advised that time strapped people consider exercise just like their other appointments of the day and guard those exercise time slots just like you would a doctor’s appointment. The CDC recommends several ways you can incorporate physical activity into your daily life at

It's time to set an exercise appointment with yourself.

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