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Q&A: Canton Marathon Preparation

Posted on: November 4, 2011

Question: Do I need to run twice a day to get ready for the Canton Marathon?

Answer : This depends on your current weekly mileage. If you are running less than 40 miles per week, you should stick to running once a day. For example: Running six miles straight is more helpful than running three miles in the morning and three miles again in the evening. The rule of thumb is when your average daily run exceeds one hour, it may be helpful to break your run into two parts. The benefit of doubles is that you increase your total mileage but not necessarily the physical stress that comes along with longer runs. There are definite fitness and metabolic benefits to running doubles. Some recent studies reported that runners who ran doubles had a higher post-workout metabolic rate (burned more calories) compared to a single workout. So, if weight-loss is another part of your running motivation, doubles can help in the cause.

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