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Olympic Fever

Posted on: January 11, 2012

With the upcoming U.S. Olympic Marathon trials this Saturday, it is great to see the national interest, even with TV Network NBC broadcasting the event. If you look at most of the popular running websites, it's all the rage with conversations such as who will be the top three finishers; therefore qualifying for the London Olympics.

In the running community, we are getting a frenzy of coverage and as much speculation as the Republican primary races (without the mudslinging). After reading the running profiles of many of these runners, I know they all share a mission that on Jan. 14 they are ready to put all their training, hard work and Spartan lifestyles to the test. It is amazing to find the common thread through all these runners. This is their running Super Bowl. Something I believe us recreational runners can take away from this is the importance of having a goal and working tirelessly towards it. It doesn't necessarily have to be running in nature but can be anything that is of importance to you, such as work or family. Put that goal out there, and get ready to make it happen.

Hope to see many of you this Saturday, Jan. 14 at the Canton Marathon Winter Expo to be held at the Canton Memorial Civic Center. Stop by the Mercy Sports Medicine table to say hello or ask a question. I hope we can help you reach your goals.

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