Is Your New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight? Find Out How this Man Lost 70 Pounds!

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Find Out How this Man Lost 70 Pounds!

Posted on: December 30, 2015

Scott Trenton has struggled with lung disease and weight for much of his lifetime. After losing 70 pounds, he has a new outlook on life and the body that allows him to enjoy it.

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In 2008, Scott Trenton became a part of the breakfast club at Mercy Pulmonary Rehabilitation. That is what a group of men and women call themselves who meet at least four days a week between 7:15 and 9 a.m. to exercise in pulmonary rehab’s fitness room. After joining Mercy Pulmonary Rehab, physical activity became a part of his regular routine, but Trenton says he was gaining weight, leaving him out of breath and on oxygen. That is, until he joined Mercy Weight Management’s OPTIFAST® program. Now 70 pounds lighter, Trenton has a new outlook on life and the body, which allows him to enjoy it.

Trenton has struggled with lung disease and weight for much of his lifetime. In 1986, he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis interstitial lung disease, a condition that affects the tissues of the lungs and typically causes lung scarring. After an episode of pneumonia resulted in a hospital stay, Trenton says his physician recommended pulmonary rehabilitation. Trenton says Mercy’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation staff taught him breathing techniques, and exercise at the center became a part of his regular routine. But it was not enough to overcome the affects of his continual weight gain over the years.

Four days a week, Trenton would faithfully exercise at Mercy Pulmonary Rehab, and four days a week, he walked past Mercy Weight Management’s offices to get there. Finally, in 2014, after his workout, Trenton decided to deviate from his regular routine and stopped in the weight management office. He talked with the staff about Mercy Medical Center’s weight loss options and decided the OPTIFAST program was the best choice for him. Now one year later, Trenton looks back on one of the best decisions he’s ever made. He’s lost 70 pounds and is working on 30 more. He has gone from needing oxygen at all times to only using it during cardio exercise and during sleep. He loves to travel and went from moving around airports in a wheelchair to carrying his own bag, taking escalators, and not finding himself out of breath.

“I’ve been on all kinds of weight loss programs,” Trenton says, “and OPTIFAST has been the most successful and most agreeable.” Trenton participates in what the program calls OPTIChoice. He enjoys shakes, soups and bars throughout the day and then cooks a high protein, low carb meal for dinner. “I actually look forward to my chocolate shake in the morning,” Trenton says.

“Scott came to us fully understanding that he needed medical assistance with his weight loss,” says Robin Doidge, RDN, LD, coordinator of Mercy Weight Management. “He embraced the OPTIChoice Program and incorporated the guidelines into his daily life. His amazing success shows his total commitment to himself and his new lifestyle.”

In addition to meal supplements, Mercy’s OPTIFAST program includes medical monitoring and weekly weigh ins and support. Trenton visits the clinic once a week to weigh in and says the staff is very kind and offers lifestyle education. “When else have you ever looked forward to coming to a weigh in,” Trenton jokes. “But even if I gained a pound, the staff does not make me feel guilty. We go over what I ate and talk about my goals for the next week.” Trenton also meets once a month with a physician assistant for an overall check up and blood testing.

“Our staff does such a wonderful job of making our clients feel comfortable and helping them succeed,” says Kathy Wise, RDN, LD, CWC, CWP, director of Mercy Weight Management. “They truly change their lives for the better. Scott is a perfect example of what they do.”

After 12 months on the program, Trenton says, “I’m not tired of it.” It’s his new way of life. One he can now more fully enjoy. For more information about Mercy Weight Management programs, call 330-588-4854 or visit




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