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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Posted on: April 15, 2016

Sure, you hear about actors and models hiring personal trainers. There was also that show, The Biggest Loser, that featured personal trainers helping people with their weight loss goals. But why would someone like you want to hire a personal trainer? Here are five reasons to consider.

Personal Trainer North Canton Ohio

Can you remember the first time you ever heard about personal trainers? Maybe it went something like this.

One Saturday morning, you called a friend and suggested going to lunch but got this reply: “Sorry, I can’t go to lunch then because I have an appointment with my personal trainer.” 

So, you talked with your friend a little more about it and started thinking, “Why do people even hire a personal trainer? Do I need one, too?” 

There are many reasons a person may want to hire a personal trainer.  Here are five of the most common. Maybe they will resonate with you.

#1 — You have never exercised before and have no idea where to start. 

How do you use exercise equipment and free weights? How do you set up a workout schedule to fit your already full schedule? What about reps and sets and exercises for specific areas of the body? A personal trainer can help.

#2 — You need to be accountable.   

You paid for a gym membership and after the first 2 weeks you quit going. (If your friend didn’t have an appointment with her personal trainer, she would be eating lunch with you!) Having that appointment with a personal trainer makes you accountable. A personal trainer can help.

#3 — You are training for a specific athletic event. 

Maybe you always wanted to run a 5K. Maybe you want to participate in a fundraiser that your work is having and you need to be able to bike 10 miles. You signed up for a golf league that starts in the summer and you have the winter to prepare. A personal trainer can help.

#4 — You have a specific illness or injury.  

Maybe you have an old injury, were recently diagnosed as a diabetic, or you just finished physical therapy for a knee replacement and would like to exercise safely. A personal trainer can help by working with your doctor and/ or physical therapist to give you an effective and safe workout. 

#5 — You need to lose weight. 

You know that you would like to lose some weight for your health and to feel better but have not had any success in the past with losing weight. Sometimes you need a little motivation to get you started in the right direction. A personal trainer can help.

Four Things to Look For in a Personal Trainer

  • Experience. Make sure your trainer has experience working with individuals in a one-on-one situation. This is especially true if you have a specific medical problem or specific condition.  Ask how many clients they have and how many years they have been involved with personal training.
  • Education. Make sure your trainer has an exercise science or other related degree. If they have a certification, make sure it is from a reputable personal training organization. Just because a personal trainer looks great doesn’t make that person a knowledgeable trainer.
  • Location. Will you go to a fitness center to meet your personal trainer?If so, make sure the location of the fitness center is close to your home or work. Nobody wants to spend an hour in the car just to spend an hour at a fitness center. Maybe you want the trainer to come to your house. First, you have to find a trainer that will do that. Secondly, if the trainer comes to your house, will that trainer bring all the necessary exercise equipment?
  • Cost. Hiring a personal trainer isn’t cheap. So, like any other major investment, make sure you do your research. Just because one personal trainer is more expensive than another doesn’t make the more expensive trainer better for you. Don’t let cost be the only deciding factor when choosing a trainer. However, the extra cost of a personal trainer may be exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Are you ready to make the investment in yourself? A personal trainer can help!

At Mercy Health & Fitness in North Canton, our personal trainers can help you meet your personal health goals, no matter what your fitness level may be. Contact us for more information about a personalized plan.

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