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10 Tips on Dealing with Procrastination

Posted on: September 17, 2015

Procrastination is a complicated behavior but it can be mastered. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, avoid don’t delay! Implement these tips from Michele Morgart, Mercy Concern Professional Counseling Services.

10 tips on overcoming procrastination | canton, akron counseling services | Mercy Medical Center

The word procrastination comes from a Latin verb meaning “to put off until tomorrow.” It is not a simple problem of time management (which, by the way, is a misnomer — we can’t manage time; we can only manage our activities).

Procrastination is a complicated behavior made up of thoughts, feelings and actions. The renowned psychologist, Albert Ellis, defines procrastination as “delaying task completion to the point of experiencing discomfort.” The discomfort comes from a variety of emotions, such as anxiety, guilt or dread. Procrastination occurs when a goal (thought/behavior) is delayed for no necessary reason and discomfort results.

You are the best judge of your goals, your discomfort at not pursuing them, and what really stands in your way.

Here are ten tips for dealing with procrastination:

#1 — Contract with Yourself

To accomplish a boring or difficult task, work for specific rewards and withhold that reward if you don’t meet your deadline.

#2 — Bite-size the Task

Don’t torture yourself trying to do a complex task all at once. Break it up into manageable pieces.

#3 — Find Something Interesting in the Work

Focus on finding a positive element, even if it’s just the relief of finishing. It will make the job easier.

#4 — Be Clear About the Task’s Worth

If you’re stuck at the beginning of a job that has no meaning or value to you, it’s probably never going to be compelling. Just set and keep clear goals and priorities.

#5 — Coach Yourself Through

Use positive self-talk to increase your interest and motivation until it’s finished.

#6 — Find a Buddy

Don’t get a buddy to do the job for you but to monitor your progress and keep you on target.

#7 — Don’t Demand Perfectionism

Do things as well as you can but give yourself a break and back off that need for perfection. We never get there anyway.

#8 — Be Tough

If an important chore seems daunting, focus your energy and effort on that task alone until it’s done.

#9 — Chart Your Progress

Sometimes the simple act of keeping notes will motivate you to a successful finish.

#10 — Find Perspective

Remember that any unfinished task (or one not yet begun) is only a small part of your life. Try not to see it as a catastrophe.


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