Two Things a Hospital Pharmacist Wants You to Know

Did you know that Mercy Medical Center has a pharmacy that takes care of only the patients who stay here? Most hospitals do. As a staff pharmacist here since 1989, I can tell you medication safety is our primary concern in Mercy Pharmacy. Here are two ways you can help. According to the United States…

Reduce risk of adverse drug reactions | Mercy Medical Center, Canton, Ohio
18 Things That Will Help You Manage Stress on the Job

Although organizations can develop systems and offer programs that support stress management objectives, you must ultimately take the initiative in managing stress in your workplace. Here are 18 techniques that have worked for many of my clients:  #1 — Understand that stress is based on your perception of threat — and that you have the…

Manage Workplace Stress. Tips from Canton Mercy Concern.
Learn the Truth About Dentures and Take Care of Your Real Teeth Now

Too often during a new patient exam I hear, “Just pull them and give me some dentures.” While dentures can be an indispensable aid in completing daily tasks, such as speaking, eating and re-gaining confidence in public, they have extensive limitations and require realistic expectations. At Mercy Dental Services, I have the distinct pleasure of…

Truth about dentures from Mercy Dental Services in Canton Ohio
Need a Healthier Party Dish? Try This Buffalo Chicken Bites Recipe.

The "bring a dish to share” request comes with just about every party or family gathering invitation you receive. But what if you’re consciously trying to watch what you eat and need a healthier alternative to the popular hors d’oeuvres loaded with fat and calories? Try these! One of my party favorites is my original…

Buffalo Chicken Bites Recipe | Easy, low-fat chicken recipe
Why Your Exercise Plan Is a Big Fat Fail for Weight Loss

We are in the midst of what fitness professionals call the “resolution period,” an annual four-month period (January through April) when the #1 national health goal is weight loss.  However, at this point, the truth may already be dawning: your workout isn't burning off much fat. Why not? In March, outdoor physical activity often remains…

not losing weight from exercise | Mercy Health & Fitness, Canton, Ohio
Before Dinner or After? Your Optimal Time for Exercise

Recently, I was asked, “Will I would burn more calories if I exercise before I eat dinner or after?” When it comes to increased calorie burn, it doesn’t really matter if you work out before or after dinner. However, there are four things you should consider. Four Considerations for Exercise Around Meal Times You need…

Should I exercise before or after dinner? Canton Mercy HealthChat Blog
New Mercy ER Pharmacist Strives to Reduce Medication Errors

National studies reveal that emergency departments are at higher risk for medication errors. The first of our three ER pharamacists recently began working in Mercy Emergency Department (ED). Mercy appointed Luke Fawcett, PharmD, to the position of clinical pharmacy specialist in emergency medicine. Dr. Fawcett is the first of three clinical pharmacy specialists who will…

Mercy in Canton Ohio Adds Emergency Department Pharmacists in 2015
Reduce Your Cancer Risk with 8 Proven Steps

Cancer prevention doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Start making these simple changes today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 1/3 of cancers are preventable. If you’ve been watching television talk shows and so-called health experts tout new ways to prevent cancer, don’t rush out and spend money on the latest…

8 simple steps to minimize cancer risks | Mercy Cancer Center Canton Ohio
Why Ignoring Your Tooth Pain Is Dangerous

Untreated cavities lead to two rounds of pain: initial pain and recurring pain. However, if you can put up with it long enough, the pain goes away because the nerve eventually dies. You might then believe your body has fixed the problem, but months or years after the initial pain, another pain strikes with a vengeance….

Why Ignoring Tooth Pain Is Dangerous | Canton Mercy Dental Services
6 Techniques of Stress Resistance That Work

Stress can be positive or negative. In its positive aspect, stress can help us concentrate, focus, and achieve. Negative stress occurs when we can’t relax and we get caught up in an on-going cycle of distress that affects our health and well-being. Here's how to resist negative stress. Did you take my Stress Resistance Quiz…

6 Techniques of Stress Resistance That Work | Mercy Concern EAP
Mercy Mythbusters: Can You Achieve ‘Spot Reduction’ with Exercise?

Let’s admit it. We all have some area of our bodies we are not happy with, right? Comments like, "I need to lose this belly" or "I want to trim down my thighs," gave birth to the spot-reduction craze in our culture. Just like it sounds, the idea behind spot reduction is that you can reduce…

Is Spot Reduction a Myth or a Reality? Canton Mercy Fitness Specialist Answers.
5 S.M.A.R.T. Ways to Achieve Your Health Goals (Part 2)

Last month in her blog post, If You’re S.M.A.R.T, You’ll Set Obtainable, Reasonable Health Goals, Rachel Ondrejko, fitness specialist at the Mercy Health & Fitness Center in North Canton, briefly described S.M.A.R.T. goals and introduced two new "smart" programs for people in Stark County – Fit & Healthy and balance classes. This month, Mercy Weight…

SMART Goals for Health & Fitness 2015 | Mercy in Canton, Ohio
Cancer Survivors Must Set Goals to Make Most of ‘New Normal’

Every year millions make New Year’s resolutions hoping to achieve some long-awaited goal. Cancer survivors, too, have to set goals in order to make the most of their “new normal.” According to the American Cancer Society, eating well and engaging in regular exercise are key ways to improve your life both during and after cancer…

couples exercise healthy for cancer survivors | Canton Mercy HealthChat
Proud Buckeye Supports 2015 Give Kids a Smile Program in Ohio

Listen to Dr. Williams talk about Give Kids a Smile on WHBC's Ron Ponder Show. Living rooms are a place to relax after a long day of work and busy activities. However, that wasn’t the case in the Williams household earlier this month. On January 12, I sat, paced, sat and paced for nearly four…

Quiz: Test Your Stress Resistance

How susceptible to stress are you? Take this 20-question quiz to find out. Your daily habits and personal characteristics greatly affect the way you tolerate stress. Factors such as diet, exercise, smoking and many other personal features can increase or decrease your resistance to stress.  The following quiz takes many of these features into account…

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8 Simple Ways to Cut 250 Calories a Day

How important can 250 calories be? That’s just one extra slice of cheese pizza, another small piece of cake or one regular-sized Snickers® bar. As it turns out, 250 calories can be pretty important. Burning 250 more calories per day can be the difference between losing one pound per week and maintaining your present weight. Eating…

8 ways to cut 250 calories | Mercy Weight Management Canton Ohio
If You’re S.M.A.R.T., You’ll Set Obtainable, Reasonable Health Goals

We're already more than half-way through January. Did you set New Year's Resolutions for 2015? If yes, are you still in the game? Unfortunately, year after year we set ourselves up for failure by setting unobtainable and unreasonable goals. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, among Americans who make…

Let Mercy Health & Fitness in North Canton, Ohio, help you set SMART goals this year
Best 2015 Diet: One that Targets Your Bad Eating Habits

So, you’ve finally decided this is the time to lose some weight and get in shape, but where do you start? If you pick up a magazine or do an online search, you will find many different diets and suggestions on how to lose weight. Some say, “Cut out fat.” Some tell you, “No carbohydrates.”…

best diet of 2015 | mercy weight management canton ohio
12 ‘Tips’ at Christmas for Kids’ Oral Health: Give Your Child a Healthy Smile!

This year, as you’re putting the presents under the tree, take a moment to consider these 12 important tips on kids’ oral health. A lifetime of health smiles is always a perfect gift for a child! #1 – See a Dentist by Age 1 An Age 1 Dental Visit is recommended by the American Academy…

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7 Myths and Realities of the Holiday Season

During the Christmas holiday season, we often have high hopes for everything — from perfect gift-giving to smooth and happy family get-togethers. We may also feel as if we should be happy and social all the time. In this post, I'd like to dispel some common myths about Christmastime and encourage you to embrace the…

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Is Cold Weather Exercise Safe?

If you are an outdoor exercise enthusiast and live in a place like Ohio, cold-weather workouts are inevitable. I’ve heard people say that winter workouts are not safe, but, as an exercise physiologist and long-time runner, I disagree. If you wear the appropriate winter workout clothing and follow a few simple safety tips, chilly temps…

Safe Exercise in Cold Weather | Mercy Medical Canton Ohio