No Longer Seeing Results from Your Workouts? Here’s Why.

Did you start out the New Year with a new exercise routine? Hopefully, it’s still delivering the results you are hoping for. But don’t count on that success for long. Find out why, as well as what you can do to keep the momentum going. At some point, our exercise routine can become stagnant and…

Why your exercise routine isn't working anymore - Mercy Fitness Gym Canton Ohio
14 Questions to Ask a Hospital Pharmacist Before Discharge

Today, many pharmacists work at hospitals and are part of your health-care team. If you or someone you love is hospitalized, it’s important to involve the pharmacist in your care and get answers to these 14 important questions about your prescriptions. Guest post by: Diana Flounders Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, 2016 Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)…

14 questions to ask pharmacist in the hospital - Mercy Canton Ohio
Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Find Out How this Man Lost 70 Pounds!

Scott Trenton has struggled with lung disease and weight for much of his lifetime. After losing 70 pounds, he has a new outlook on life and the body that allows him to enjoy it. In 2008, Scott Trenton became a part of the breakfast club at Mercy Pulmonary Rehabilitation. That is what a group of…

canton ohio medical weight loss program for breathing problems
7 Ways to Maintain, Not Gain at the Holidays. Look at #6 If You Dare!

The holiday season is the time of year to celebrate your blessings, have some fun and feel your best. Many of you have worked hard all year to drop those excess pounds. Don’t let the holidays sabotage you. This holiday season, I encourage you to adopt a “maintain, not gain” attitude. Here are seven tips…

15 Ways to Make the Holidays Happy AND Healthy

Give your family and yourself the gift of good health this holiday season by using strategies to incorporate exercise and good nutrition into the festivities. Holiday shopping, spending money, family obligations, wrapping gifts, children’s activities, church programs, decorating, cooking and traveling can all can be stressful and drain your energy. As Charlie Brown says, “AAAAAHHHHH!”…

Make Your Holidays Health and Happy - Mercy Fitness Center, North Canton, Ohio
10 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress & Put the Season into Perspective

The media typically portray the holidays as the happiest time of the year, but rarely do our experiences match our memories or our expectations. Michele Morgart with Mercy Concern provides 10 ways you can put things into perspective and enjoy the season more. The holiday season is here, and with this time comes a variety…

10 ways to manage Christmas stress - Mercy Concern Professional Counseling Services
Healthy & ‘Wise’ Holiday Calendar: 31 Tips for Better Health This December

There are 31 days in December. This year, try something new — and good for you — on every one of them with the Healthy & “Wise” Holiday Calendar from Mercy’s own Kathy Wise, registered dietitian nutritionist and director of employee health and wellness. Print out a copy of this calendar for easy reference every…

Healthy & wise holiday calendar for 2015 from Mercy in Canton, Ohio
Four Things You Must Do to Overcome the Stress of Job Loss

When you experience the loss of a job or other, major workplace change, there are many similarities to the stages of grief and loss. Learn more about the four tasks you must complete in order to move past a painful job loss. Whenever there is a change, there is loss, and loss always brings about…

Four things to do when you lose your job - Mercy Counseling, Canton and Akron, Ohio
How High Is Your Risk for Diabetes? Take the Quiz.

November is National Diabetes Month, intended to promote awareness of diabetes, a condition which affects 29 million Americans. Researchers have identified risk factors of those who are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes? You could be if you: Are overweight Are not active Are age 45…

Diabetes risk quiz from Mercy Medical Center in Canton Ohio | Diabetes Education
5 Reasons to Toss the Scale as a Measure of Exercise Success

It’s nice when the scale shows you a number that makes you happy, but the scale cannot tell you how fit you are. If the scale is making you feel like a failure, it’s time to look at the numbers differently.  Most people start an exercise program to lose weight as their primary goal. So,…

5 reasons to not use a scale for measuring weight loss success - Mercy Fitness North Canton Ohio
When and Why It May Be Wise to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Currently, research and clinical experience indicate elective extractions of wisdom teeth for the majority of young adults. However, visiting your dentist for a wisdom teeth evaluation is the wisest decision you can make. For those looking for a trivia question, there are usually 32 teeth present in the human mouth. The last of these teeth…

Should you have wisdom teeth removed - from Mercy Dental in Canton, Ohio
Four Things to Know About Flu Shots

Getting the flu shot is the best decision you can make to help protect you and your loved ones this season. Flu activity is usually the highest during February, so get your flu shot today. October marks the beginning of the flu season – which means, time to get your yearly flu shot. The Centers…

Flu Shot Information 2015 - Mercy Pharmacy Canton Ohio
5 Comfort Foods to Keep You Warm AND Healthy (Plus 2 Tasty Soup Recipes!)

As autumn weather gets cooler, it’s tempting to load up on traditional comfort foods that often are not the healthiest choices. When you want a warm and toasty snack this fall, try these five perfect comfort foods that won’t add pounds. Plus, check out the recipes below for Heart-warming Vegetable Soup and Creamy White &…

Recipes for Vegetable Soup and Creamy White & Sweet Potato Soup
The Quick & Easy Guide to Squeezing Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

Not enough time for an effective workout seems to be one of the biggest road blocks to an active lifestyle. However, if you think that’s the ultimate excuse for not exercising, think again! Here are quick and easy ways to get more exercise, no matter how busy your schedule is. Guest post by Britni Wilson,…

Ultimate Quick Guide to Squeezing More Exercise into Busy Schedule - Canton Mercy Fitness Center
Male Breast Cancer: 6 Ways It’s Different from Female Breast Cancer

Even though male breast cancer is rare, you should never ignore a suspicious lump in the breast tissue. See your doctor. If the lump is cancerous, intervention can begin early. Male breast cancer accounts for about 1% of all breast cancers. Although men and women are very different, male breast cancer is similar to female…

Male breast cancer - facts from Mercy Cancer Center, Canton, Ohio, in 2015
10 Tips on Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination is a complicated behavior but it can be mastered. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, avoid don’t delay! Implement these tips from Michele Morgart, Mercy Concern Professional Counseling Services. The word procrastination comes from a Latin verb meaning “to put off until tomorrow.” It is not a simple problem of time management (which,…

10 tips on overcoming procrastination | canton, akron counseling services | Mercy Medical Center
Your Guide to Basic (But Often Complicated) Exercise Terminology

Confused by all the jargon some fitness enthusiasts and specialists use? Here’s a basic primer on the exercise terminology you need to know in order to take your workout beyond the beginner level. Guest post by Will Cutler, Mercy Health & Fitness Intern Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard work. Hearing terminology that may…

Exercise terms explained - Mercy Health & Fitness, Canton, Ohio
Four Ways to Keep Your Cool When Exercising in Hot Weather

With temperatures in the high 80s this week, it’s time for a quick reminder about exercising safely in hot temperatures. Exercise Early or Late As the weather gets warmer, your body needs to adjust to the temperature change. Exercise during the coolest part of the day, such as early morning or later in the evening…

Exercise Tips for Hot Weather - Mercy Medical Center, Canton Ohio - 2015
Pilates: ‘Old-school’ Workout Will Deliver Results for All Fitness Levels

"Old-school" workouts like Pilates are still a great way to get in shape, helping tone muscles, improve posture, and increase balance and flexibility. Are you ready to give Pilates a try? Classes start this fall in North Canton. The Philosophy Behind Pilates Pilates was developed more 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates, a self-defense instructor…

Fitness classes North Canton Ohio 2015 - Pilates
Beat the Heat with Healthy Frozen Treats: 3 Fruit-based Dessert Recipes

Summer isn't over yet! Beat the August heat with cool, fruit-based recipes for Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurt, Tropical Fruit Frosty and Banana-berry Pops from Kathy Wise, Mercy dietician and wellness director. Almost everyone loves ice cream on a warm summer day, but if you are not careful, those icy treats can provide more fat and…

Healthy Frozen Dessert Recipes Made from Fruit - Mercy Medical Center, Canton, Ohio
For Improved Health, You Must Exercise Patience

Have you recently changed your diet and exercise routines but haven’t seen the results you would like? Patience and persistence are the keys to better health. Guest post by Angelina Ciraci, Mercy Health & Fitness intern When starting a new, healthier routine to achieve your wellness goals (weight loss, muscle building, increased stamina, etc.), you must…

Exercise Patience to lose weight, build muscle - Mercy HealthChat, Canton, Ohio