Emergency Department Cardiac Catherization Lab

With a Heart Attack, Every Second Counts

Mercy Leads The Nation AGAIN With A State-Of-The-Art Cardiac Cath Lab In Our Emergency Department

"Time is Muscle"

That's what heart specialists say about heart muscle damage incurred with every passing second of a heart attack. Every moment lost means damage to the heart muscle, resulting in diminished chances for survival and lost quality of life. That is why Mercy has dramatically reduced the transition period from Emergency Department to Cardiac Catheterization Lab to mere seconds!

When the unthinkable happens... think Mercy.

ED Cath Lab


  • EMS crew relays vital information to Emergency Chest Pain Center en route to Mercy.
  • Emergency Chest Pain Center Team makes diagnosis and prepares for patient’s arrival.
  • Patient is admitted directly to ED Cath Lab for procedure to begin.
  • Reduced time results in increased survival rates, faster recovery and higher quality of life.