Goals and Objectives

It is the goal of Mercy Medical Center Dental Staff and the Department of Medical Education that all dental graduates gain at least one year of supervised postdoctoral experience in general dentistry before entering general practice or a field of specialization. The goal of such a program is to provide the type of training that will give the dental resident an understanding of the relationships of dental treatment to all other aspects of total health care. The resident thus gains valuable experience by following the clinical progress of primary care patients, as well as those with conditions not commonly seen or recognized in the clinic of a dental school. This increases the graduate’s understanding of dental treatment planning, as well as the management of medical emergencies.

Dental Residency ProgramUndergraduate dental education generally can provide only a rudimentary understanding of the interrelationships between treatment planning for optimal oral health and general health, including management of medical emergencies. At Mercy Medical Center, emphasis in education in its GPR is on learning to employ concepts of prevention and management of overall health in addition to enhancing residents’ skills in mechanical dental procedures. It is also a goal to understand the admission, treatment and rehabilitation of the admitted hospital patient to better understand the role of dental care in overall treatment of patients.

The Dental Residency Program offers advanced comprehensive clinical experience, skills in four-handed dental practice, oral and systemic relations in health and disease, experience in office management, use of dental auxiliaries, behavioral aspects of patient management, and an understanding of hospital organization for inpatient and outpatient care. A full complement of competent dentists, representing both general practice and the many dental specialties, participates in the teaching program. Significant educational support is provided for the curriculum by the Departments of Medical Education, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pathology, Radiology, Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Social Service, and Infectious Diseases.

Residents accepted into the General Practice Dental Residency Program will be expected to

  1. Participate in a program that will ultimately lead to the general practice of dentistry, providing experience as a “first-contact” dentist who can provide primary care, appropriately recognize needs for referral to specialists and see to these necessary referrals, but assume responsibility for ongoing comprehensive care management.
  2. Participate in a supervised clinical experience in the recognition and management of oral diseases. The resident learns to recognize the oral manifestations of many disorders that are primarily of other systems.
  3. Participate in the correlation of basic biomedical sciences to clinical practice by taking the opportunity to study and utilize the structured medical record of the patient before, during, and following dental treatment.
  4. Become familiar with hospital procedures and the full spectrum and responsibilities of other services participating in total patient care in both the ambulatory and inpatient areas. The value of close liaison between the medical and dental professions is emphasized throughout the year.

Mission Statement

As a Catholic health care organization, our mission at Mercy Medical Center is to continue Christ’s healing ministry by providing quality, compassionate, accessible and affordable care for the whole person.Vision StatementMercy Medical Center is the provider and employer of choice for quality, cost effective health care in Stark County and surrounding communities. We are a model of community health care demonstrating service excellence and providing wellness, education, and outreach to our community. We are recognized for excellence in all aspects of patient care.

Values (R.E.A.C.H)

RESPECT: Each person is uniquely created by God, therefore, each life is sacred. We treat every person with dignity, promoting an inclusive, collaborative environment where all are empowered to work together.

EXCELLENCE: We excel in our care of patients through competent employees and volunteers, continuous improvement, advanced technology, and on-going education. We provide excellence in clinical programs, service principles, and efficient use of resources.

ATTITUDE: We demonstrate enthusiasm and courtesy to our patients, co-workers, physicians and visitors, guided by moral and ethical standards.

COMPASSION: We attend to the needs of each person with tender care and empathy by addressing his/her fears, pain and suffering.

HOLISTIC CARE: We work together to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients.

Dental Residency Application