To Support the Philosophy, Goals and Mission

The medical staff of Mercy Medical Center will support the philosophy, goals and mission statement for graduate medical education.

Mission Statement

The Department of Medical Education, in cooperation with the Board of Trustees, Administration, and Medical Staff, will strive to fully implement the outlined goals and objectives of graduate medical education. Further, the Director of Graduate Medical Education, is recognized in the table of organization as the responsible entities for implementation of the General Essentials and all Specialty Requirements with authority to implement said goals and objectives with appropriate guidance by the Board of Trustees, Administration, and Medical Staff Philosophy and Assumptions.

As a health care community, Mercy Medical Center extends the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our communities with emphasis on people who are poor and under-served.

Therefore, the major goal of graduate medical education at Mercy Medical Center, is to prepare residents as physicians who will be responsible, scientific, compassionate individuals sensitive to the needs of people and dedicated to life-long learning. To accomplish this goal, the Board of Trustees, administration and medical faculty exemplifies these qualities. As a Catholic sponsored institution, the educational programs at Mercy Medical Center are provided in accordance with the teachings and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and adhere to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.

The assumption which underlie the education of Mercy Medical Center to being an educational institution are:

  1. Quality patient care is rendered in an environment where learning occurs.
  2. Quality patient care is rendered by a medical staff in direct relation to the quality of its educational programs.
  3. Medical education and clinical research are interdependent.

The Board of Trustees, administration and medical staff, therefore, believe and support graduate medical education for the following reasons:

  1. Quality of patient care is enhanced.
  2. Spirit of inquiry is stimulated and provides motivation for all members of health care team.
  3. Clinical and academic pursuits are stimulated.
  4. Medical staff recruitment is enhanced.
  5. New faculty, residents, and students from other health science centers are integrated, thereby contributing to medical education research and development.
  6. Satisfaction is obtained in knowing that the institution, through its educational programs, is making a major contribution to the health care of the region, the State of Ohio, and the Nation.
  7. Being an associated teaching hospital of the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine is an important symbol of excellence. Medical student teaching is contingent upon fully-approved residencies in major specialties supported by quality patient care.