Evaluation and Treatment for Concussion Symptoms in Adults and Children

New research highlighting the dangers for athletes suffering concussions has heightened awareness about the short and potentially long-term affects associated with these brain injuries.

Mark J. Hudak, medical director of Mercy Sports Medicine, and Mercy Sports Medicine athletic trainers and physical therapists are part of Mercy’s team specially trained in the evaluation and management of concussions.

Here’s how it works. Athletes complete a computerized baseline test to evaluate multiple aspects of neurocognitive functioning, including verbal and visual memory, brain processing speed and reaction time. If a concussion is sConcussion diagnosis and treatment in Canton Ohiouspected during the season, a follow-up test is administered to see if the results have changed from the baseline. This comparison helps to diagnose and implement appropriate management of the concussion. For athletes where baseline data is unavailable, ImPACT has a database of thousands of non-injured athletes, which can be used for effective evaluation and comparisons.

“When an athlete is not fully recovered from an initial concussion, they are at greater risk for recurrent, cumulative, and potentially life-threatening consequences of a second concussive injury,” Hudak says. “Research reveals that younger athletes recover more slowly than college and professional athletes after a concussion making medical management even more important.”

Signs and symptoms of a concussion can occur days or even weeks or months following the impact. An athlete may experience chronic headaches, fatigue, sleep difficulties, personality changes, dizziness, and deficits in short-term memory and problem solving.

A study by the Center for Injury Research and policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, revealed 40.5 percent of high school athletes returned to play too soon after suffering a concussion. Even more alarming, one in six football players who sustained a concussion and lost consciousness returned to play the same day.

“Our hope is to help local athletes safely return to play after experiencing a concussion to prevent long-term complications,” Hudak says.

Canton Ohio Concussion Testing and Treatment

Concussion Facts

  • A concussion is a brain injury that frequently involves physical as well as cognitive symptoms.
  • Ten percent of all contact sport athletes sustain concussions yearly.
  • Sixty-three percent of all concussions occur in football.
  • An athlete who sustains a concussion is four to six time more likely to sustain a second concussion.
  • Effects of concussion are cumulative in athletes who return to play prior to complete recovery.

Mark J. Hudak, M.D.

Mark J. Hudak, M.D., is medical director of Mercy Sports Medicine and a concussion management specialist for adults and children. If you think a concussion has occurred, Dr. Hudak can help diagnose, treat and manage the concussion for safe return to play.

About ImPACT

ImPACT is a user-friendly computer based testing program specifically designed for the management of sports-related concussion. The instrument has been designed after approximately 10-years of University-based, grant-supported research. ImPACT is currently the most widely utilized computerized program in the world and is implemented effectively across high school, collegiate, and professional levels of sport participation. Learn more: ImPACT Test.

ESPN story and video on Second ImPACT Syndrome can be found here.

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