Coaches Clinic

Mercy Sports Medicine hosts a quarterly Coaches Clinic. The cost of the Clinic is $20.00, and each coach attending will be able to apply for the state permit upon completion of the clinic. Approved by the Ohio Department of Education, the clinic meets guidelines on the length and content of clinics held in Ohio:

  • Must be two hours long.
  • Must cover life threatening injuries, non-life threatening injuries, emegency action plan and injury management.

Mark J. Hudak, medical director of Mercy Sports Medicine, and Mercy athletic trainers instruct the clinic through lecture and hands-on techniques to give coaches the ability to keep their athletes healthy and in the game. Mercy’s clinics are for coaches of all sports, but seating is limited. For more information about the next clinic, call 330-966-8920.

Sports Enhancement Programs

Mercy Sports Medicine offers sports enhancement programs to help your athletes improve their skills during the off-season and prevent injury. Customized training programs focus on improving speed, power, agility, flexibility, endurance and core strength.