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Coordinated Approach to Evaluating Potential Lung Cancer

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of care for suspicious, benign and malignant lung conditions while supporting you and your family through the often overwhelming process of determining a diagnosis and initiating appropriate treatment.

Our dedicated team of physicians and health care professionals work together to ensure the best possible care. This team approach leads to thorough and timely evaluation, treatment and follow-up, all the while keeping your primary care physician actively in the loop.

Simply put, our goal is to get you a diagnosis earlier, give you the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome and to provide supportive and compassionate care. Our approach is based on the understanding that a suspicious finding or actual lung cancer creates much anxiety and stress. Our multidisciplinary approach to care provides a coordinated team of pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and nurses.

At Mercy Lung Center, we are here to help

  • Diagnosis and evaluation
  • Multidisciplinary conferences
  • Treatment
  • Dedicated lung nurse navigator
  • Clinical trials
  • Education and support

Low-dose Lung Cancer Screenings

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women worldwide. Until recently, no screening test existed for detecting lung cancer early. Now a new low-dose CT lung screening is available and can help save lives for those at high risk for developing lung cancer.

For more information, contact our Lung Nurse Navigator at 330-458-4214.