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High Quality Cancer Care In Your Community

At Mercy Cancer Center, we are dedicated to delivering the very best cancer care in the community setting.

A cancer diagnosis may bring you to Mercy—one of only 16 cancer centers in the nation to earn the Commission on Cancer’s Outstanding Achievement Award four or more times in a row—but our people will make you want to stay. Our physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and support staff give compassionate care, assurance, and comfort throughout cancer treatment and survivorship.

Overcoming cancer can be a long process. At a community-based cancer center like Mercy, we provide access to local, affordable care, keeping you close to your home, your family, and your support system while lessening the burden of this disease.

Cancer Center Nurse Navigators Guide You

Every cancer patient at Mercy receives help and guidance from one of our cancer nurse navigators. Based at Mercy’s main campus in Canton, Ohio, nurse navigators meet you where you are in your cancer journey and help you take the next step. We are always looking out for you.

Available at any point during and even after active cancer care, cancer nurse navigators answer questions, organize care, and provide access to cancer assistance services and a cancer support community. Sometimes, a navigator is a shoulder to cry on when you need it most.

Cancer nurse navigator services at Mercy are free of charge. No referral is needed. Call 330-430-2788 to speak with a Mercy Cancer Nurse Navigator today.

Get Access to National Cancer Research

Through our many affiliations, Mercy offers cancer patients the opportunity to be part of national cancer research through clinical trials. In addition, we actively look for trials that will benefit the patients we care for. These trials are used to not only to test new cancer treatments, but also to find new ways to diagnose, prevent, and manage cancer and its symptoms.

Mercy Helps You Overcome Barriers to Cancer Care

In keeping with the hospital’s long-standing mission, Mercy’s cancer care center also assists patients overcome barriers to care. From financial concerns to lack of transportation, we strive to help every patient receive the treatment they need.

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