Comprehensive, Supportive Care Services for Cancer Patients & Their Families

The jolt of a cancer diagnosis is more than a medical incident, and the struggle against the disease entails more than a medical fight. That’s why the health care teams at Mercy Cancer Center offer you and your family compassion as well as clinical expertise.

Compassionate care is central to Mercy Cancer Center. Our mission emphasizes care and respect for you as an individual and concern for your safety and well-being.

Building on our strong tradition of compassion, we reach out to you and your family members, friends and caregivers to offer truly comprehensive, supportive care services, including:

Treating the Whole Person

Not only is your physical life affected with cancer, but your emotional, social, spiritual and financial life can be affected as well. It is not wrong to be concerned about these other areas as well as your physical state. Coping is taking care of your whole self.

At Mercy, we strive to help you take care of your whole self. In addition to our comprehesive support services, we also offer:

Cancer Information Line

Is a free public service that provides personal and confidential answers to your questions. Whether you are a current or former cancer patient, a caregiver, a family member or a friend, Mercy Cancer Center offers supportive services that can help you understand and deal better with a cancer diagnosis. Contact us locally at 330-430-2788 or toll free at 1-888-293-4673.

Cancer Resource Library

Visit our library that contains an extensive collection of books, videos, CDs and pamphlets on various cancer-related topics. The latest information can be accessed through the Internet at a computer terminal available for patron use. Cancer Center staff is available to assist with researching specific materials and information. Open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Other hours available by appointment.

Cancer Case Management

Is a service that assists patients and families in coping with the physical, psychosocial and spiritual challenges of cancer. A specially trained oncology certified and case management certified nurse (cancer nurse navigator) is available to discuss the most current information about all types of cancer, treatment options and how to access the care one might need. The goal is to empower the patient to become an active participant in their cancer care. The nurse also assists patients in addressing their financial needs regarding insurance, coordination of benefits and various financial assistance options available.

Cancer Survivor’s Garden

Survivor's GardenVisit the garden located along the southern half of the walking path at Price Park in North Canton. Take time to sit on the park bench and reflect. The garden was developed and planted collaboratively by the Mercy Cancer Center and the American Cancer Society in honor and memory of those touched by cancer and is now maintained each year by Cancer Center staff and volunteers. Designed in the shape of half a heart, the garden encompasses the healing colors of purple, white and pink. Let the healing quality of nature give you a brief respite from life’s challenges.

Look Good, Feel Better

Is an American Cancer Society sponsored 1-hour class for women undergoing cancer treatment to learn to cope with the appearance-related side effects of treatment. Women may bring a guest however the free skin care kits and make-up is provided to cancer patients only.