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Devoted to Mercy and Our Mission: Gift Shop Volunteers Have Passion to Serve

Apr 14, 2015

Devoted to Mercy and Our Mission: Gift Shop Volunteers Have Passion to Serve

Posted by Cindy Hickey on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 - 12:37 PM in Volunteers


Collectively serving more than 8,000 hours, two retired Mercy nurses and current gift shop volunteers serve because they remain committed to the hospital, our mission and their fellow volunteers.

Karen Baysinger, Mercy Gift Shop Volunteer, Canton Ohio, 2015

Karen Baysinger calls her position in the Mercy Gift Shop her “dream job.” A graduate of Mercy’s school of nursing, Karen worked in Mercy Maternity Services for 45 years. During that time, Karen would occasionally stop in to chat with staff in the Mercy Gift Shop and playfully ask when they were going to offer her a position.   

After she retired in 2010, the gift shop staff called her to let her know a volunteer position was available. Since then, she has since given 720 hours of service to the hospital. “The staff in the Mercy Gift Shop make volunteering so enjoyable,” she says.  

Devoted to Mercy’s mission, Karen had recruited a few of her friends to volunteer, as well, and looks forward to working with them each week and fellowshipping at lunch in the cafeteria before their volunteer shift begins. Her favorite item in the gift shop is the ruffled infant camouflage pants. She hopes to be able to purchase them for a great grandbaby some day!

Theresa Ehret, Mercy Gift Shop Volunteer, Canton, Ohio, 2015

With a love for people and a passion to serve, Theresa Ehret has been a part of the Mercy family for many years and has given the hospital more than 7,256 volunteer hours. Like Karen, Theresa is a graduate of the Mercy School of Nursing. She worked as a nurse for 27 years in Mercy Maternity Services. She worked in both labor and delivery and in post-partum care before retiring in 1997. 

A year later, Theresa decided to become a volunteer in the Mercy Gift Shop. Theresa says she's devoted to Mercy because "the staff are wonderful and they truly live out Mercy’s mission every day.” 

Theresa enjoys the friendly and carefree environment in the gift shop. She says, “Volunteering does more for me than for others.” 

Theresa enjoys the newly renovated space and rarely misses a shift. Once, her sister asked her to go somewhere with her, and Theresa declined because she was scheduled to volunteer. Her sister asked her why she couldn't just call off, since she was just volunteering.

Theresa replied, “It’s not only a volunteer assignment, it’s a commitment, and I just love it.”

Join our volunteer team! Learn more here: cantonmercy.org/volunteer.

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