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Holiday Lites: How to Make Favorite Holiday Recipes Healthier

Dec 06, 2013

Holiday Lites: How to Make Favorite Holiday Recipes Healthier

Posted by Kathy Wise on Fri, Dec 6, 2013 - 12:58 PM in Diet & Nutrition


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to share tips on creating healthier holiday meals during the Mercy Heart Center's Holiday Lites program. What a fun event!

Many of you who attended this event asked for a copy of my presentation. So, here it is! In it, you'll find information about:

  • Visual presentation of food
  • Ingredient selection
  • Simple recipe substitutions and revisions
  • Recipe conversion tables
  • Sugar substitutes for baking
  • Healthy holiday snacks
  • Low-fat cooking techniques


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Kathy G. Wise is a licensed registered dietitian, certified personal trainer and licensed wellness coach with extensive experience in creating nutrition, health and wellness programs for hospitals, corporations and individuals. Kathy is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and has served on many local boards. She has over 20 years experience working with OPTIFAST® and other medical weight management programs. Wise received her coach training through Wellcoaches Corporation in 2005. As a coach, she has help hundreds of people identify their priorities, get the roadblocks out of the way, develop a personal wellness vision, and a plan to achieve realistic goals.


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