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Four Fun Physical Activities that Benefit the Whole Family

May 02, 2014

Four Fun Physical Activities that Benefit the Whole Family

Posted by Kathy Wise on Fri, May 2, 2014 - 10:52 AM in Diet & Nutrition


Being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to squeeze in exercise when you work full time and have a family to take care of. One of the best ways to ensure that physical activity part of your every day life is by exercising together as a family! You get three great benefits from this:

  1. You all stay in shape.
  2. You have quality family time.
  3. You instill good exercise habits for your children.

Ideally, you should exercise at least 30 minutes per day at least 5 times per week to achieve optimum fitness and lose weight. Here are some easy and fun ways to get started with family exercise.


It’s as easy and as fun as it sounds. Simply turn on your favorite song and get moving to the beat. Let each family member make up a dance to their favorite tune and teach the whole family!

Buy a Dog

Another great way to get more family exercise time is to buy a dog. This family pet will get you all moving and is something can enjoy and bond over. Adding a dog to the family (and exercise routine) also can teach kids responsibility. There are plenty of parks and recreational areas in and around Canton, Ohio. Run with the dog or play fetch. Burn off tons of calories and lose weight as a family!

Ditch the TV Habit

Another smart idea is to ditch the TV habit. Medical weight loss experts say you should get off the couch and do something stimulating. TV is fine in moderation, but even while tuned in, you can get up and get moving during commercials. You may be surprised at how many sit ups, crunches or laps around the living room you can squeeze in during commercial breaks!

Act Like Your Kids!

Remember how much fun you had playing hula-hoop, jump rope, tag and hopscotch? Make these activities fun again and challenge your kids to competitions to see who can do the most twirls or jumps. Initiate a game of tag, challenge them to a relay race and let the fun begin!

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