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Register for Chartwise Electronic Query Process

Posted on: November 2, 2016

Mercy’s Clinical Documentation Improvement Chartwise Electronic Query process has begun. Thank you Kristy Powers, IT analyst, for her expertise and dedication to make this vision a reality. Thank you Dr. Gormsen, Dr. Linz, Dr. Daoud, David Stewart, Tracey Majors and Trevor Clere for their ongoing support during this process.

Steps to Register in Chartwise:

  • Provide Gina Lewis your email address where you can receive Chartwise emails. Email or call 330-489-1111, ext. 5857.
  • Once received, Chartwise will enter your email into their system. An email invite to register your username and password will be sent following set-up.
  • In the Chartwise login screen, enter your email address as your username, then create a password. Password must be 11 characters including a capital, sign and number. Ex: Chartwise@2016
  • Once registered, you can locate Chartwise by clicking on MercyNet, Clinical Application, and then click on Chartwise.
  • Your initial sign on at Mercy will register your information with single sign on.
  • Once in Chartwise, click on dashboard and you will see a work list of any queries written for this patient.
  • Please carefully read each query. It could be addressed to a consultant; however, if you are able to answer as the attending, that is appropriate. If you cannot answer, please leave it for your consultant to address.
  • An email will also be generated each time a query is sent. This gives multiple ways a physician can be notified of a pending query.

Steps to Successfully Answer Queries in Chartwise/PDOC:

  • Go to Chartwise either by clicking the blue globe in your physician desktop menu or go to MercyNet, click on clinical applications, then click Chartwise (4th option down the list).
  • Chartwise will sign you in if you are at Mercy, or you will have to remember your password if answering remotely.
  • Click dashboard and your query work list will appear.
  • Please review the clinical identified by CDI, then answer the query by clicking a check box or free texting your answer. If you are unable to determine, or you feel the query is not relevant to the findings, please free text a reason for that determination.
  • Click submit and your query will be signed.
  • Upon completing your query, the final step is to go to the physician desktop and add your query response to your progress notes and/or discharge summary. Then the process is finished. We are stressing the importance of continuing the diagnosis/findings documented on the query throughout your notes and dc summary. Insurance companies are becoming strict on consistency of a diagnosis throughout the chart.
  • If you have any questions regarding a query you receive, please contact the CDI Nurse located at the bottom of the query form.

Dragon/PDOC Physician Documentation Made Easy:

Mercy currently is a hybrid record meaning half electronic and half on paper. The goal is to have ALL physicians trained on Dragon/Pdoc, the physician documentation system. This will eliminate written progress notes and allow the physicians to easily access their documentation to create addendums. If you have not been trained or need a refresher, please contact Benny Baclawski in the physician training office at ext. 4864 to schedule a time to learn Dragon/Pdoc. Mercy’s Clinical Documentation Improvement team would like all physicians on this system by December 31, 2016. Thank you for your cooperation. 




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