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Post Discharge Phone Calls

Posted on: March 13, 2018

Mercy has an automatic call system to discharged patients giving patients an opportunity to request a follow-up call from the hospital. This initiative is to reduce patient anxiety, reduce readmission, improve satisfaction, and influence quality and performance.

These requests go to the director/manager of the discharging unit. The response has been very positive from the patient perspective, and the rapid response from the nursing units. Most notable are the numerous compliments of staff.

Here are the physicians recognized by our patients:

Gregory Boone, MD

Peter S. Boutsicaris, MD

Mark Cecil, MD

Tim Conlan, MD

Lisa Coughlin, MD

Jennifer Cummings, MD

Rimon Daoud, MD

Lamberto Galang, MD

John Garton, MD

Ryan Gasser, MD

David Heiser, MD

Steven Hirsch, MD

Amjad Iqbal, MD

Margaret Kobe, MD

Michael Linz, MD

Michael Lykins, DO

Michael Markel, MD

M. Todd Miller, MD

Badie Al Nemr, MD

Elena Norch, MD

Dilip Patel, MD

Jeffrey Prem, MD

Anthony Pentz, MD

Russell Ramey, MD

Kent Ramsey, MD

Venkatesan Ravishankar, MD

Vishal Sawhney, MD

Mazin Shackour, M.D.

Makilzhan Shanmugam, MD

Brian Simmons, MD

Darrell Smith, MD

Christopher Stetler, DO

Jared Stefanko, DO

Mark Tawil, MD

Michael Tirmonia, DO

Vincent Wake, MD



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